When I saw the cover art for Lil’ Kim’s new single, “Keys to the City” I had to do a double-take. I didn’t recognize the doll-like face and washed-out color.  But when it set in that the picture I was looking at was Lil’ Kim, all I could think was…what the hell?! 

Over the years Kim has transformed herself from a pretty, brown skin girl from Brooklyn who could spit lyrics with the big boys and wasn’t ashamed of her sexual prowess and her multi-colored wigs, to….this?

A real-life Barbie doll? A Nicki Minaj clone? An almost-white woman with frizzy hair? A plastic surgery cautionary tale? A……what?

Although I don’t make it a point to judge others (and I know…I’m being very judge-y here), I can’t help but long for the days when Kim’s music was good and she still looked….normal.

Is it just me?

Help me out folks, Lil’ Kim’s new look is…..

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  • chinaza


  • I am a Lil’ Kim fan til the day is done. Her music, style and even her appeal was all that back in the day. She has changed a bit, but never really was into the way she looked, she always wanted to be lighter and have the image of the “light skinned, perfect girl” when in reality she had no clue there is no such thing as perfect. I still think she is a #1 when comparing the two, but I do think it’s unfortunately what’s she has done to herself due to lack of self-love. I hope she stops before it harms and/or kills her. And Nicki Minaj is just as fake as someone mentioned. I love her style as well and her shape is unreal and off the chain, but again it’s unreal and no one looks like that unless you pay for it. It’s their choice to pay for a look, but I just hope they don’t hurt themselves in the end. I think it’s more of a self-battle they are going through vs. with each other.

    • So Over This Ish

      I agree. I read an article many years ago where Lil’ Kim said that she wanted to look like Pamela Anderson. She felt like she couldn’t compete with European standards of beauty. I wonder if anyone ever told her she was pretty when she was growing up.

      Kim was beautiful when she had natural cocoa-brown skin, dark eyes, and dark hair. You’re right…perfection isn’t real. I am very light-skinned and I have lots of insecurities. All women do, even the ones with the most confidence.

  • Don

    I wonder why Kim decided to change her entire framework? Not that I really care, but if she cared enough to do an interview where she explained as much … I’d listen.

    Looks like two completely different women.

  • Black is definitely black!! All dah counts is ur ego!!…..buh wtf Is dah?