When I saw the cover art for Lil’ Kim’s new single, “Keys to the City” I had to do a double-take. I didn’t recognize the doll-like face and washed-out color.  But when it set in that the picture I was looking at was Lil’ Kim, all I could think was…what the hell?! 

Over the years Kim has transformed herself from a pretty, brown skin girl from Brooklyn who could spit lyrics with the big boys and wasn’t ashamed of her sexual prowess and her multi-colored wigs, to….this?

A real-life Barbie doll? A Nicki Minaj clone? An almost-white woman with frizzy hair? A plastic surgery cautionary tale? A……what?

Although I don’t make it a point to judge others (and I know…I’m being very judge-y here), I can’t help but long for the days when Kim’s music was good and she still looked….normal.

Is it just me?

Help me out folks, Lil’ Kim’s new look is…..

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