I’m also on the look out for interesting films and web shows featuring people of color, so when I heard about the film Stud Life, I knew I’d have to share it.

The film, which is described as an “homage to ‘Spike Lee’s She’s Gotta Have It’ and Steven Soderbergh’s ‘Sex, Lies And Videotape’,” follows one woman, a lesbian “stud,” who has to choose between her best friend and her new girlfriend.

From the beginning, the film is anything but conventional. Not only is the main character, JJ, a black lesbian living with her white gay best friend, but the film aims to expose viewers to a world they’ve probably never seen before.

According to the film’s website: “Stud Life takes the viewer into a slice of life of an urban gay scene where casual sex, and drug taking is not treated as deviant behaviour. Where gender is up for grabs but desire follows very strict rules. Where violence can be part of sex as well as random attacks on the street. JJ and Seb inhabit a world where white queers are familiar with Black street culture and reject the mainstream “G.A.Y” world. This is Stud Life.”

Seems interesting, right?

Filmmaker CambellX hopes the film will help break down stereotypes about gays and lesbians.

“Hopefully ‘Stud Life’ will entertain as well as demystify some of the stereotypes surrounding the dynamic of Lesbian and Gay relationships and illustrate the often overlooked importance of friendships,” she said.

The film is currently in post-production and will make its debut at BFI’s London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival (March 23 to April 1).

Visit the Stud Life Facebook page for more details on screenings.

What do you think of the ‘Stud Life’ trailer? 

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  • Chrissy

    I honestly dont know why people who hate gay people or anyone that is not straight always come to post like these. If you are disgusted by gay people and everything why do you even bother to click on this article or even read it?

    I also hate how people will find an excuse to justify their hate instead of just being bold as BossMeech did. Or people will be selective in why they feel a certain way.

    Using the stud and femme as an excuse for the reason why they dont understand homosexuality. As if that is the only example. Some men are also attracted to studs. What is the basis for that attraction? Oh let me guess its because the stud is still a woman??

    Clutch needs to do better in filtering comments. Especially when people are allowed to seek out a post that is specifically talking about lgbt culture and spew their hate.

  • Buttons

    @ L and Toni, Chrissy

    There’s nothing sick about what I said. My first paragraph happens to be very true. And if you are truly honest with yourselves, you know it to be true as well. The whole butch-femme concept is based on the core of heterosexuality-the attraction between male and female. The same is true for the men. But, you guys struggle so hard against accepting that. I am willing to bet that if you set aside your emotions for a moment, you can begin to understand it in a more logical and inteligent way. I don’t want to get into a debate, because it’s not about that. It’s about looking at the subject objectively without bias.

    I can better appreciate and respect it if gay people acknowledged that it is factual that men and women are biologically tailored to cohabitate with one another, with the ability to procreate and bring forth life. And that yes, they are designed with gender specific functions that serve as the blueprint for how men and women should act and interact. And perhaps say that there is a population of us that are different and while we don’t want to change that original construct, we do want to be included and respected in society. But, instead of recognizing those truths and posing reasonable requests, you
    attempt to diminish the authenticity of male and female and their inherent purpose by incorporating your own broadened definitions to justify your sexual preference. You want society to totally reconstruct the social order to foster your lifestyle. You demand rights for things you should have no rights to. When did it become a denial of equal rights for two men and two women to be married? That is absurd. Why in the world should transgender people have access to bathrooms to the sex they identify with?? This poses very dangerous and disturbing circumstances. Why should homosexuals raise children pretending to be “mommy and daddy” ?? (Again, mimicking the roles of male and female.) And you wonder why people are upset?? This is entirely too much.

    Male and female species are not frivolous creations that casually exist to serve their own individual needs and personal interests. They have critical and distinct missions that support the very existence of humanity and the conditon of humanity, which starts with the union between man and woman, then the family, the oldest institution in the world. Although, today there are many people who live their lives very individually, it is not the intended purpose.

    Lastly, please stop confusing opposition with hate. For the record, sisters I dont hate any of you.

  • kareen

    where can i watch the whole film?