Last night, Bobby Brown’s sister Leolah Brown sat down with Dr. Drew to talk about her former sister-in-law’s death. In the shocking interview, Brown accused R&B singer Ray J. of being responsible for Whitney Houston’s death.

Brown tells Dr. Drew that her first thought after Whitney died was, “My God, somebody gave her a bad bag.” Brown also claims Whitney told her that Ray J. wasn’t her boyfriend, but rather her “runner boy” and was supplying her with cocaine.

Brown also accuses Pat Houston, Whitney’s friend, manager, and sister-in-law, of being complicit in Whitney’s drug abuse and trying to manipulate Bobbi Kristina.

Also, during the interview the interview Bobbi Kristina’s cousins, Jerod and Kelsey Brown also shared more information about that tragic day. According to Jerod and Kelsey, several strange things happened that day, including Pat and Gary Houston removing several of Whitney’s things from the hotel room after she died.

After the interview aired, Ray J’s reps told TMZ that the accusations were preposterous and he wasn’t involved in Whitney’s death.

Yesterday, the Los Angeles county coroner’s office released Houston’s official cause of death, finding she died of an accidental drowning brought on by cocaine abuse.

Although Houston died over a month ago, it is clear we will be hearing more about the events leading up to her death.

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  • Blasé

    mu’fkn opportunists all of them – dr drew, the cousins and Bobb Brown’s sister. basically making money off of Whitney’s death, they might as well have killed Whitney themselves. where were they when Whitney was alive? definitely not gettin paid for tv appearances.

  • Zaza

    After her brother being blamed for getting Whitney into drugs you think she’d know better than to go round blaming people. Someone can offer you stuff, but it’s your own decsion to take it. I agree some people can be harmful influences but ultimately Whitney was a grown adult with her own mind, there’s this wierd trend of blaming everyone but Whitney for her problems as if she was some innocent mentally handicapped 14 year old led astray by ‘bad folks!’,rubbish!

  • secret6

    If she’s so sure that Ray J is responsible for Whitney’s drug use, then why doesn’t she reveal who’s responsible for Bobby’s?