When men started wearing skinny jeans, I said nothing. I even kept silent when Kanye’s kilts were up for debate because it may be a skirt but if guys in Scotland can wear ’em then so can guys in America. But if men are going to start wearing pantyhose — known in the fashion industry as ‘mantyhose’ or ‘brosiery’ —  I’m officially filing my objection here and now. New York Mag reports:

Apparently some dudes are into wearing fancy tights these days, according to upscale hosiery retailer Emilio Cavallini, who tells WWD that purchases by men (and for men) now account for 2 to 3 percent of their annual sales. He noticed the trend about three years ago…so he decided to cater to male customers by creating unisex tights that allow for greater breathability, “which is important since men perspire much more than women do.” 

The retailer claims that men are wearing the pantyhose the same way women do — underneath clothing for an extra layer of protection from the cold or, in the case of some fashion-forward Italian men, underneath shorts. Other fashion lines have also taken advantage of this trend, with the US-based G Lieberman and Sons making pairs with crotch zippers and the French brand Gerbe featuring sheer hose just for men.

Fashion is great and there’s no reason why gender rules should keep men from wearing garments just because they’re traditionally for women. But I have to wonder why anyone in his right mind would actually want to wear pantyhose, which are among the most oppressive and uncomfortable garments out there. The point of using them as an extra layer of warmth also escapes me — have they not heard of long johns?

What do you think? Could ‘mantyhose’ really become a trend?


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