This election cycle has led to so many stupid and uninformed comments from politicians and pundits that I haven’t even missed Sarah Palin’s particular brand of idiocy. But true to her usual form, she appeared on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show to discuss the tape of Barack Obama speaking at a rally with Derrick Bell in 1991 and had plenty of nonsense to say — she insisted that Obama wants to go back to the days of “different classes” based on racial discrimination “before the Civil War.” Watch:

By now you may have heard that the tape they’re discussing was supposed to be conservative Andrew Breitbart’s secret weapon against Obama but he died before he could unveil it (actually not at all damaging) contents. Palin’s shaky reasoning is based on the idea that Derrick Bell was a critical race theorist (a discipline that basically argues that race actually matters) and Obama is seen here encouraging his hiring by Harvard University. The same Harvard that Palin claims was full of radicals. Because you know how wild and crazy that Ivy League gets. Sure.

And of course, the days of discrimination she’s talking about, before the Civil War when black people were second class citizens, are supposed to be the days Obama wants to return to? Hunh?

I know this is rhetorical question of the decade, but what is wrong with her?

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