Every day, more and more women are forgoing “creamy crack” in favor of their natural tresses, but imagine what a bold statement it would be if the First Lady, Mrs. Michelle Obama, showed up on the scene with natural hair.

One talented Photoshop designer took that visual from imagination to semi-reality with the photo we see here of the FLOTUS rocking a fierce head of big, bold curls that set Twitter on fire.  Blogger Curly Nikki swooned over the image shared online but the more people fell in love with the natural fabulousness, the more this sentiment popped up: “it’s gorgeous but America ain’t ready.”

As much as we hate to admit it, it’s true. If the hair that naturally grows from black women’s heads is said to be inappropriate for the workplace, I can only imagine what would be said about it inside the White House. Sigh. At least with this pic a girl can dream.

Do you think America’s ready for a natural-haired FLOTUS?

– Brande Victorian

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  • Cree

    Well, look at the texture of that hair. It’s pretty but lets not act like a 4b/4a might not get a different reaction, even from the natural lovers. And also, she can’t just up and go natural and have that…if she wanted to go natural right now, she’d be bald (assuming that she does relax, and doesn’t just flat iron and blow dry). It would take a good four years plus to get that much hair if starting from scratch.

    People need to mind their own business about hair. Black is black. This is almost as bad as the opposite, which would be what if FLOTUS had hair down to her back, or light skin, or thinner lips, or whatever…How she presents the world to herself is her personal choice. I feel like this is too close to saying she is not “black enough.”

    • lala

      All Hair is beautiful 3c 4a 4b wavy straight….I don’t care

  • Cree

    *herself to the world

  • LiLi

    FYI… the FLOTUS does not get relaxers. She gets her hair pressed. Her personal stylist has done several articles detailing her haircare regimen. But even if she didn’t, she would still be beautiful and still be black. Getting a relaxer doesnt make one less black, less real, less relatable, less down for the cause etc. I’m “natural” but I hate how people act like that makes me better than someone with a relaxer. The natural haircare community is starting to adapt the same eurocentric beauty standards that others have by giving preference to curl pattern, length, managibility, color, etc. smh