If, like me, you were too busy checking for Oprah’s interview with Whitney Houston’s family to watch much of anything else on Sunday night, you missed out on a documentary that has critics talking and HIV/AIDS activists offering praise. The good news: it will re-air later this week.

“The Announcement,” a documentary about Magic Johnson’s life before and after revealing to the world that he had contracted HIV, is directed by Nelson George and consists of archival footage and interviews with Magic, his wife Cookie, colleagues, and medical experts. It’s easy to forget how, over twenty years ago, the fact that Magic had AIDS sounded like a death sentence and certainly something to be ashamed of. One could argue that no one at his level of influence has ever been so forthcoming with his HIV status, and in doing so Magic became part of history by changing the stigma surrounding the disease. Check out the trailer below:

The Announcement will re-air on Thursday evening on ESPN and I have so many questions. What was Cookie thinking and feeling during this time? Who is the woman who infected him and is she healthy and alive? What is the truth behind claims that Magic “no longer has the disease”?

Did you see or will you see this documentary?

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  • I want to know why Cookie didn’t just up and leave. Caring and loving for a person who has HIV/AIDS because of their cheating ways is NOT easy! I have the utmost respect for that woman!!!!!! He would be upgrading my ring every six months! Best believe!

  • EbonyLolita

    I was watching the Oprah interview. Heard a lot of good things about this documentary & am happy I’ll have a chance to view it on Thursday. Tonton Michel THANK YOU for keeping the focus on the fact that no matter what Magic is an example of what happens when a heterosexual male engages in risky sexual behaviors. I don’t understand why the majority keeps talking about DL behavior like that’s the only way for Black men to get AIDS. The fact that Black Women have steadily increased as new AIDS patients over the years should dispel that myth!!!
    Demand testing BEFORE sexual acts & use Condoms ALWAYS!! It’s not that hard. Ppl are more afraid of Bird Flu & Mad Cow then something they can actually prevent like HIV/AIDS! *Let’sGetItTogether*

  • HIV is the virus, HIV positive means you are enticfed with it. AIDS is a syndrome caused by HIV but it takes an average of 8-10 years for an HIV infection to develop into AIDS.AIDS is defined by a serious decline in your immune system (specifically, your CD4 positive T cells) and leaves you vulnerable to a wide variety of infections that people with healthy immune systems fight off easily.Other effects of being enticfed with HIV (and NOT caused by opportunistic infections) include dementia (cognitive decline), sensory neuropathy (losing your sense of touch), and glomerulonephropathy (which can lead to kidney failure and the need for dialysis).