Last week, the charity Invisible Children caused an immediate viral sensation when it released its documentary Invisible Children, which took aim at indicted war criminal Joseph Kony.

Although many were compelled to share, donate, and get involved with Invisible Children’s cause, others (including myself) was very critical of the campaign.

After the video was released many questioned the group’s financials, the reasoning behind focusing on Joseph Kony despite his diminished influence, and what exactly they hope to accomplish with the campaign.

Recently, the group released another video and its CEO Ben Keesey attempted to answer some of the questions surrounding the group.

After watching the video I still have some questions, and while I give the group props for seeing a need and raising awareness about the (former) children of Uganda, my question remains: Now what?

What do you think of Invisible Children’s response to its critics? 

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  • jamesfrmphilly

    i am ignorant. i do not have a clue what is actually going on over there.
    the images and reports are horrible. i wish there was a way to know for real.
    somebody do something. please.

    • Pearlsrevealed

      This story has been documented by a number of news programs like 60 minutes since the nineties. I was shocked to discovered he was still a menace to society.

    • jamesfrmphilly

      “This story has been documented by a number of news programs like 60 minutes since the nineties”

      true but for every story there are others who say it is false information.
      how do i know?

  • Pearlsrevealed

    Every child needs to be protected. It should not matter if he has reduced the number of children he is stealing. One child abducted is too many.

    I am glad they are using social media to flush out this turd. So much of the web is used for nonsense.

  • Dalili

    I commend them for taking the time to address some of their critics. I’ve been privy to some heated debates regarding this issue from the fact that the focus has shifted off the children and on the perpetrator to advocating for international intervention may lead to military involvement and yet another civil war to the video is misleading since Kony is in fact not in Uganda anymore misappropriation of funds etc.

    While they are valid concerns I still salute IC for making an effort. All this may not lead to Kony’s capture and may not solve this issue entirely, however this work has left (some)African men, women and children in a better place than they would have been and that is enough for me.

  • anne

    So he wants us to ask the same govt’s whose multinational corporations have been pillaging minerals from the DRC – with new interest now in Uganda’s oil reserves – to catch this one guy? And then what? Even when these warlords go to the ICC, what comes out of their sentencing? So many of them languish in fancy jail cells in The Hague, protected by int’l law, are given fancy fair trials and if sentenced, are given sentences that are far less than whatever justice people had hoped to see as an outcome. Either that, or they end of like Saddam Hussein or Osama Bin Laden – a whole other story entirely.

    IC still isn’t getting to the root of the problem with things like this. Also, the way the convey their message is highly disturbing on multiple levels but then again, must people are ‘just glad that something is being done’ not realizing how problematic that statement is in itself.

  • A college student has taken it upon himself to go farther than the average person and has contacted major corporations like walmart, walgreens, and best buy, to help donate to the kony cause. The agreement they made was that for every lead he generated, they would donate a small amount of money to the kony cause. I found his blog on wordpress while searching for kony related topics. His blog doesn’t have much information and is very simple. Not much information is provided. However I would like to give this kid the benefit of the doubt. He doesn’t ask anyone for any money, he doesn’t even have a donate button on his blog. All he asks is that people take 2 minutes out of their day to fill out a simple form. Out of sheer optimism I am pulling for this kid. He states on his post “If people actually spent as much time as they did on facebook and twitter reading about kony, and actually took action to help support the cause, we may have already caught kony.” Think about that for a minute. If everyone who read about kony and had discussions about kony, made productivity of their time, kony would probably be dead by now! Here is his blog. Lets try and get this kid famous. After all, the good lord knows that walmart and all these other major corporations as the resources to take down probably 100 joseph kony’s. Lets exploit the corporate world and help support the kony cause! http://supportkony2012.wordpress.com/