When it comes to the latest trend in hair coloring, there are the Keke Palmers of the world who’s gorgeous ombre locks make your jaws drop, and then there are the Rihanna’s and the Ciara’s who’s ombre tresses still make your mouth gape, just for the opposite reason.

The only hard and fast rule of ombre hair is that the roots and crown of your head are a darker, more natural tone that gradually blends into a lighter hue. You can play with shades of red, brown, and blonde in all variations, but just because there’s a grown out/unkept element to the look of this trend doesn’t mean there still isn’t a right way to do it and a wrong way.

When Rihanna showed up at the Grammy’s this year with a small patch of dark brown roots and light blonde hair all over, she was picture perfect. The texture of her hair made the contrasted root-to-end coloring look trendy and purposeful, but since then it’s been all downhill. Rihanna’s dark roots have been increasingly growing; making her hair look like she just couldn’t make it to the salon for a touchup rather than trendy, and this is much more noticeable with the straight style she’s been rocking. Ombre hair shouldn’t look like you just put one color at the top of your hair and another at the bottom, the coloring should gradually blend into one another in shades that compliment your skin tone—which brings me to Ciara.

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  • Lakesha

    Umm, so thats not really ombre hair on Ciara. It just looks like she stuck some blonde weave under her short real hair. Rihanna’s is the business!!

  • I have ombre hair! Not because I’m following a trend but I dyed my hair a reddish/auburn color and my hair has since grown since my last dye and it looks good (so I’ve been told)! I’ve always wanted a two-toned afro :)

  • Ashley

    I think it all comes down to what colors the person selects. The blonde ends may look good on some women but not all. Some women should skip the blonde ends and do a caramel color or a light brown. Also, I think it looks better when the hair gradually gets to the lighter color instead of looking like you tied your hair in a ponytail and dyed the whole ponytail.