When Chris Brown brutally beat his then girlfriend Rihanna three years ago, many missed an opportunity  to engage young people in a serious conversation about dating violence. Instead of the pair coming out strongly against intimate partner abuse and becoming advocates for its cause, they kept it moving with their lives and eventually reconnected in song, causing many to wonder what example their reunion sent to out youth.

While Breezy and RihRih surely did not have to become the  face of dating violence prevention, it would have gone a long way to further the message that being abused by a partner is not only wrong, but it’s happening more than we think, especially to young black girls.

According to the Center for Disease Control’s Youth Behavior Risk Surveillance Study, one out of 11  high school students has experienced some form of physical violence in their relationship, and black teens are most affected.

TheGrio reports, “In fact, the CDC’s Youth Behavior Risk Surveillance Study reported that black high-school girls are 80 percent more likely than white girls to be hit, slapped or hurt on purpose by their boyfriends.” The report also found that “adolescents do not see the negative consequences of dating violence in their friends’ lives. In one study, 31% of adolescents reported having at least one friend who was in a violent relationship.”

So while many brushed off the message Breezy and Rihanna were sending their young fans by reuniting, the numbers don’t lie. Dating violence among teens is a serious problem in need of a serious solution.

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  • Chris and Ri reuniting to do a song is about getting money and there is not one person in this business that is not about their paper and ONLY their paper. Regardless of what it symbolizes. Both individuals are rebels, ie; their tweets. That being said, they don’t give an eff about what is perceived of their decisions and their lives. We need to stop expecting Ri and Chris to be angels when they have made it very clear that they are devils (theoretically speaking). Violence in relationships existed way before them and will continue way after them. Parents need to just be parents and do some real parenting, case closed.

    • anontoo

      this rite here

  • mamareese

    You know what stop this? Teaching our young women how to value themselves. I see so many of us women booty popping and fighting in the club….staying with no good trifling men. No wonder we are in the state we are in!!!! If we want to stop this we have to lead by example. Have your fun but stop whoring yourself out for the sake of some dude to come save you. Save your [email protected] self!

    • LaDreaming86

      Sure, *we* can teach young women how to value themselves, but my issue with this is that, once again, we are asking girls/women to modify their behavior so that boys/men can then learn how to behave.

      I am not advocating that women no be accountable for themselves. I am just tired of people stating that if things are to change, it can only do so if it is a woman doing the changing first.

      Are *we* teaching young men how to value themselves as well?

  • Just My Thoughts

    Thank you for bringing this to some folks attention. This just shows that we have bigger fish to fry much bigger than two grown folks making a song together mean while are youth and our community is being affected by this and many other issues but we consume ourselves with lives of the rich and famous. Sad day for all of us.

  • Donald K Sumner

    BW love thugs/gangsters/bad boys/players/ballers/etc. Oh, and bw will put up with ANY ABUSE as long as the man is TALL and HANDSOME trust me on this…

  • NtrlGAGirl

    The first thing “we” need to do is stop trying to make Chris Brown & Rihanna some kind of poster children for what to do, what not to do, how to be, how to….whatever. It’s not happening because of them nor will it stop because of them. This is happening because of what’s going on MUCH closer to home for both the victims & the abusers and that’s what the media & the rest of us need to be concerned with instead of who the hell is recording the song together. AND this constant focus by the media on domestic violence through the lenses Chris Brown & Rihanna is really doing these victims a disservice.

    The problem nor the solution lie with those two young people.