Kasi Lemmons, director of Talk to Me starring Don Cheadle and Chiwetel Ejoifor, recently signed on to bring Zadie Smith’s award-winning novel On Beauty to the big screen.

The book centers around a married interracial couple–a white Englishman and his black American wife–whose marriage is on the verge of falling apart. He is an art scholar who can’t manage to finish a manuscript on his work, and she no longer resembles her sexy, activist self. Deadline described the book as an “academic comedy of manners, focusing on the story of two families with different but increasingly intertwined lives, race and sexual politics,” so the film has the potential to be quite interesting.

Lemmons, is also in the process of adapting Langston Hughes’ gospel song play, Black Nativity. According to an interview Lemmons gave to The Wip, the project is about  “a kid from Baltimore whose mother has to send him to live with her estranged parents. He’s dealing with people he didn’t know including his grandmother who is a preacher; he falls in a deep sleep at church and dreams of the black nativity.” And if you had any doubts, Lemmons assures fans, “It’s going to be dope.”

Have you read Zadie Smith’s book? Who do you think should be cast in the film adaption of ‘On Beauty’? 

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  • JMichelle

    I have ‘On Beauty’ and couldn’t finish it. Maybe I’ll try to pick it up again before the film comes out.

  • Rakel

    I love Zadie Smith. White Teeth& On Beauty were both good reads. I’m glad to know they’re making a movie out of it.

  • Tami

    I read On Beauty…thought it was rather dry, hopefully the film will be better. I will absolutely support Kasi Lemmons.

  • GS

    Zadie smith as a novelis is just slightly behind the talented Chimamanda Adichie. Her essays are much much better and by reading them you can tell she is going to become a legendary academic but i doubt she will reproduce something like ‘White Teeth’ or better. please read her essays. They are the best thing she has ever written