Korean Designer, Lie Sang Bond is stirring up controversy as he becomes the latest designer to use white models with brown painted faces in his runway show. During Paris Fashion Week, Bond presented his Fall 2012 Ready to Wear collection with 39 different looks wherein each model had the same brown painted circle covering a large portion of their faces. The ‘blackface’ he sent down the runway has offended many, with several critics asserting that the practice is racist and shouldn’t be considered ‘art.’  The racial implication of blackface arguably makes it much more than an artful expression. During minstrel shows, white actors painted their faces black and performed racist black stereotypes as entertainment. I don’t think Bond’s intentions were to play on an ugly part in Black American History, but when will designers learn that painting a white person’s face black or brown will never be a fashion statement?

What are your thoughts on Bond’s blackface? Do you find it offensive even if it’s “just art?”

-Jamiese Price

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  • omfg

    interesting because a few weeks ago, a kpop songwriter named jenny hyun tweeted (in response to floyd mayweather’s comment about jeremy lin) that black people should be exterminated – you know, genocide.

    this is really not surprising. i hear black face is not uncommon in korea.

  • shelli

    they way it is portrayed here looks like “art” like a cut-out mask…it does not even look like the “black face” of old in which the entire face was painted a shiny black, with exaggerated white or red lined lips., and huge white eyes..my first impression is that the picture above does not denote a “minstrel-like character…

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  • taryn

    Seeing as how this designer is hardly a household name, i’m guessing it was just a stunt that got the desired result: publicity!

    If it were just about design and opposites, etc, they could/should have thrown some black models in the mix with faces painted in white circles…

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