Last night La La Anthony’s reality show, La La’s Full Court Life, kicked off its second season and judging by clips from the show, her relationship with husband and NBA baller Carmelo Anthony may be getting a little dramatic.

Previously, there were claims that Carmelo had a secret love child floating around, but that turned out to be untrue. Now, the fact that her man is constantly surrounded by beautiful women who, if given the chance, might try to take her place is making her a little nervous.

On last night’s episode, La La’s friends plant the seed about her husband possibly getting a little too close to his cute assistant, Asani. After one of her friends tells her “no man and no woman can just be friends,” La La begins to worry that maybe her husband is creeping.

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Although she says she doesn’t think her husband and his assistant are cheating, La La still looks at Asani suspiciously.

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All of her doubts come to a head when she confronts Asani and asks her if she’s messing with her man.

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Although we don’t see what happens between La La and her husband Carmelo, the fact that she decided to confront Asani instead of stepping to her husband first speaks volumes.

La La’s willingness to confront Asani and “make sure” she isn’t messing with her husband reenforces the notion that women can’t be trusted. It also implies that simply because Asani is beautiful she is trying to scheme on someone else’s man, which is unfortunate and unfair.

Thankfully La La comes to the realization that her issue is with her husband, and not his assistant, but this scene has played out over and over again.

So ladies…if you think your man’s cheating (or about to stray) why do some women confront the potential other woman and not their man?

Speak on it!

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  • Ladybug94

    Talk to the one who is “supposedly” committed to you.

    • waitingforsnow

      While the other woman is not responsible for husbands actions, she is responsible for doing the right thing herself. I think she should be called on it. She cared nothing for anyone else’s devastation, why should she be protected from any consequences?

  • Socially Maladjusted

    None of this would happen if we all agreed that everyone’s cock and nani was everyone’s to enjoy.


    But who the hell is anyone to confront anyone over who they slept with? You don’t own your SO or his mistress so you have no right to confront anyone,

    A man’s sexuality is his to do with as he pleases, he owns his dick, his body and whatever he does with it – women taught us that.

    MInd your damn business.

  • Leo the Yardie Chick

    I’d only get on the other woman’s case IF and only IF she was a relative, or supposed to be a close and trusted friend – and that would be long enough to tell them and my cheating soon-to-be-ex to go straight to hell. That right there would be a double betrayal for me.

    If she’s just some stranger, why bother? Waste of time.

  • NaturalLovely

    Unfortunately I have been on both sides of this story. As a young married woman I did feel the need to approach my husbands side dishes. And most of the time there was something going on. Of course I gave him a tongue lashing. However, approaching the other woman makes you look weak. He continued on with his infidelities. Why? Because he knew that my main beef was with the other woman. I would hate her forever but only be temporarily angry with him. As for the other side. I am involved with a man who has a significant other as do I. We have an arrangement. My home life is in “roommate” status. But that isn’t an excuse for my behavior. His woman never enters my mind. I feel that his actions should be taken up with her. Not mine. But if she were to ever approach me it would not be earth shattering. I would just tell her to refer all questions to her man. Either way she would not like the answers. Better not to hear hem from a stranger…

    • Arden

      I too have been approached by the other women, twice, and I find it very juvenile on her part. First of all we are all over thirty and I’m in one state and he’s in another, so how am I a treat. I think it makes the women feel like they have some kind of control, when in reality they don’t. And they never find fault in their men. I think its real stupid.

  • Taylor

    I have seen many situations like this when people are approached even before marriage. I as a woman don’t mind if another woman approached me if they thought something was up. I think that too many woman go to men and they will lie or use avoidance. I myself have been approached by another woman and have approached a woman. One woman thought I was seeing her man and that clearly wasn’t the case I was honest with her and she later thanked me. But there have been times when I have contacted a woman and she plained out lied. I just feel as woman yes we should confront our men but in todays times with advance technologies etc. you might have to take the extra step. Just do it with class.