My friends and I have a running joke. When times get a little tough for us financially, we always talk about needing to win the lotto just to get ourselves on the right track. But with Friday’s Mega Millions jackpot hovering at $500 million, I won’t lie…I’m buying a ticket–or three!

While I’ve bought a handful of lotto tickets in my life and generally see them as a waste of money, a $500 jackpot makes you rethink some things. The opportunity to finally give Sallie Mae the middle finger, pay off my car note, buy my dream house, help my brother finish college debt free, build a college fund for my son, buy my momma a house, start a scholarship fund for young folks of color, travel the world as many times as I want, and about a million other things gives me an infinite amount of reasons to buy a ticket.

And if images of plane tickets and an African safari dancing in my head wasn’t enough, I could take the words of Nas and rethink my random apple juice purchases, because after all, “that buck that bought a bottle coulda struck the lotto.”

So yes….I’m buying my ticket before Friday and crossing my fingers.

How about you? What would you do if you hit the $500 million jackpot? 


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  • Blue Ocean Breezy

    Move to a different city. Pay of debt. Buy my own home. Buy whatever car I want…

  • Candy 1

    I play sometimes. Usually when the jackpot is high like it is now.

    If I won, I’d first put half of it away for the future. Then I’d buy a three homes–one in my home state, a medium sized one in a warm state for winter months, and another in a different country. I’d put forth money for my kid’s education from 1st grade through college. I’d pay off our student loans. Get my PhD I’d buy my husband and I two dream cars each. I’d travel a few times per year. I’d hire a cleaning person. Give something to a charity. Grow my business. Buy my dad and mom a home in a better neighborhood and give them about 5 million. I’d give my sister, brother, mother in-law two brother in-laws all one million each.

  • Did you factor in inflation and taxes in all these your dreams?!

    A milli is not as much as people think it is….but nonetheless, dream on!!

  • MsQuita

    Wow, I would take care of my grandmother and parents for the rest of their lives, set up my kids for their future, donate to some churches that are close to my heart, TRAVEL, invest, and do some things to aid single mothers, widows, and our youth. I get excited just thinking about it, lol!!! A bunch of my co-workers and I are doing a company pool, but I am also getting my own ticket. ;)