Prompted by growing public outrage and awareness, members of Congress, and the teen’s family, Monday night the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division and the FBI announced that they have opened an investigation into the murder of Trayvon Martin, which may be looked at as a hate crime.

The DOJ statement read:

“The department will conduct a thorough and independent review of all of the evidence and take appropriate action at the conclusion of the investigation. The department also is providing assistance to and cooperating with the state officials in their investigation into the incident. With all federal civil rights crimes, the government must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a person acted intentionally and with the specific intent to do something which the law forbids – the highest level of intent in criminal law. Negligence, recklessness, mistakes and accidents are not prosecutable under the federal criminal civil rights laws.”

This news comes on the heels of the full 911 tape of Trayvon’s killer, George Zimmerman, being released. In the tape Zimmerman repeatedly describes Trayvon’s race, disparages his character, and many feel can be heard whispering “f*cking coons” as he disobeys the 911 operator’s orders and begins chasing Trayvon.

Mother Jones has authenticated the tape, and although they say the slur is “unintelligable,” many (including myself) believe Zimmerman refers to Trayvon as a “coon” (at the 2:21 mark).

Another startling development in the case is that we now know the teen was on his phone talking to a friend moments before he was murdered.

Trayvon’s girlfriend spoke to ABC news Tuesday morning and said the teen told her someone was following him and that he was going to try to get away. She also claims she heard the man confront Trayvon.

The girl told ABC News, “Trayvon said ‘What, are you following me for,’ and the man said, ‘What are you doing here.’ Next thing I hear is somebody pushing, and somebody pushed Trayvon because the head set just fell. I called him again and he didn’t answer the phone.”

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This story has touched many around the world. Despite flying under the radar for nearly a month, social media helped to spread Trayvon’s story and now the national media and DOJ is searching for answers.

But will there be justice for Trayvon Martin and his family? That remains to be seen, but one thing is sure: we will be watching.


The state attorney in Seminole County, Florida announced they will convene a grand jury to investigate the murder of Trayvon Martin. The grand jury will be called into session on April 10.

Norm Wolfinger, the local state prosecutor, released a statement: “I share in the desire of the family and the community to accurately collect and evaluate all the facts surrounding the tragic death of Trayvon Martin. The public is entitled to no less than a thorough, deliberate, and just review of the facts. We intend to honor that commitment.”

We will continue to keep you posted.

*Want to get involved? Here are 3 ways you can help get justice for Trayvon Martin.

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  • Will justice be served for Trayvon? I think everyone already knows the answer to this one. We all know how this story is going to end and we’ve seen it a hundred times before…

    • Mocha

      But how do we stop “it” from turning out to be the same thing? And how do we help the other Trayvon’s in our community who have been victims of this bullshit? That’s what I want to stop. I want people to be fear what will happen if this happens again, becasue it’s gone on too long. And I feel like some people are taking us a joke and I’m ready to get up and revolt or something!

    • Being that the Black community is overrun by drugs, gangs, and excessive gun violence, we have to be more serious about taking a stand against these things that have permeated the community. Over the last 30 years, these fringe elements have ripped apart our neighborhoods- and in some cases, our families- and we’ll turn a blind eye to it…that is, until another tragedy happens.

      Also, another thing we need to do is start being more proactive in our communites. In layman’s terms, stop being silent when you see something going down. When the police come around and try to ask questions, their hands are tied primarily because they know there were witness to a particular crime, but no one is willing to come forward. This needs to stop immediately!

      Black people don’t realize that when it comes to matters like this, we cannot afford another life to be lost. We have to be as vocal about another kid killing our own as we are about law enforcement. Yeah Trayvon is a victim, but if this keeps up at the pace it does, tomorrow it will be your child, your brother or even your cousin.

    • Sasha

      Very very VERY well said Perverted Alchemist. The ‘Snitches Get Stitches’ mentality is a serious disservice to the community.

    • lizzylove602

      Omg, is this serious, everyone hates white now Mexican. on tv they are showing picture when
      he was youner. omg look at his facebook. he was a man not a little kid
      he had gold teeth, he was a gangster he looks like Nelly
      he broke his noise messed up his head. he was kicking his ass
      black kill each other ever day I see it on tv news & 48 hrs
      but a Mexican does and its a big thing ..he was getting beat
      up. he was not a little boy ..he was a man, even bigger then
      the man …

  • s.m.

    This is just so outrageous and disgusting! I don’t even have the words right now.

    You know, the funny thing is that “Zimmerman” isn’t white and wouldn’t be considered white by any of the white folks I know. As a matter of fact, some of them might refer to Zimmerman as a “dirty or f*cking spic” in private.

  • Sadly, I agree with PA! Right now, it seems there is sort of media momentum and global involvement, but he is no Natalie Hollaway, UNFORTUNATELY! Come summer time, another Trayvon Martin will be doing the rounds on black media sites.It’s a cycle that only the Most High can break….That being said, I am not saying we should not do something about it, because statistically it has been the case that after the hype dies, the case is closed.

  • Pseudonym

    I checked recent Sanford police records and both black and white people have been arrested/charged for recent break-ins, so the profiling of Trayvon simply b/c he’s black is inaccurate.

    • Natalie

      You just don’t get it…

    • Kacey

      Idiot! What the h*ell does that prove??? He targeted this kid simply because he was black, not because he genuinely thought he was suspected of anything. Just go sit down!

    • apple

      oh white people …you try so hard
      maybe we could believe this had zimmerman not mention his race repeatedly to the dispatcher and then say “fucking coons” under his breath
      nice try though

  • Buttons

    It’s just pathetic and I’m disgusted by it. I signed the petitiion and I encourage others to as well. I want this fool to be held accountable for what he did. Treyvonn Martin was no threat to him whatsoever. His motive was pure hatred. Also, people talk about how marching and Al Sharpton are irrelevant. But, he was one of the first ones on top of this story.