Remember back in middle school where kids strolled the halls hand-in-hand with their boyfriend or girlfriend of the week? Well…all that is off at one New Jersey middle school.

After several instances of “unsuitable physical interactions,” officials at Matawan-Aberdeen Middle School outlawed hugging. According to Principal Tyler Blackmore, Matawan-Aberdeen is now a “no hugging school” and students caught disobeying the rules will be disciplined appropriately.

While it seems extreme, I can understand how the school may be led to employ such measures (although, I think they should have tried to educate students about proper touching first).

I taught middle school for five years and as I walked the halls, I was often shocked by the amount of affection the kids displayed. Hugging was the least of our worries, as a matter of fact, we were cool with hugging. As many of the students would pass from class to class, you’d often see couples tonguing each other down and trying to cop a feel before the bell rang.

But what do you think…should schools ban hugging? 

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