Remember back in middle school where kids strolled the halls hand-in-hand with their boyfriend or girlfriend of the week? Well…all that is off at one New Jersey middle school.

After several instances of “unsuitable physical interactions,” officials at Matawan-Aberdeen Middle School outlawed hugging. According to Principal Tyler Blackmore, Matawan-Aberdeen is now a “no hugging school” and students caught disobeying the rules will be disciplined appropriately.

While it seems extreme, I can understand how the school may be led to employ such measures (although, I think they should have tried to educate students about proper touching first).

I taught middle school for five years and as I walked the halls, I was often shocked by the amount of affection the kids displayed. Hugging was the least of our worries, as a matter of fact, we were cool with hugging. As many of the students would pass from class to class, you’d often see couples tonguing each other down and trying to cop a feel before the bell rang.

But what do you think…should schools ban hugging? 

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  • Across the Board?

    So does this apply across the board…so if two girls that are friends are hugging are they not allowed to hug either? I know back in my day hugs were given all the time because middle school was a tough time and the melodramatics and middle school angst was a very emotional time amongst middle school girls?

  • Lulu

    Hugging has nothing to do with teen pregnancy, yall. If you’re concerned about the kids’ sexuality then start advocating for some decent sex education classes. I doubt that a school’s decision to not let kids hug is going to have much of an effect on their grades. Hugging is innocent most of the time, especially in middle school. Making a better effort to control over the top PDA’s wouldve made more sense.

  • Donald K Sumner

    But…but…how will these black girls able to embrace their future thug boyfriends!?

    • FLG17

      @ DKS

      I’ve read many of your comments on this site and I have decided that you must be white. There is no way a black person could hold so much contempt for his own people. Or you must be a black person that truly hates being black, hates black people, and especially hates black women. Why are you so ALWAYS wearing the asshat?

    • Donald K Sumner


      My dear, I am indeed black. Oh, and black women hate and have contempt for their own people! Example? Ask short black men!

  • BB

    I think a light hug is okay every now and then but kissing is totally not okay in middle school. Copping a feel is absolutely not okay. In my school we have cameras in the hallways so if you even try to get phisical you would be down to the office like that. I know better and other kids should know better too.

    • Jenny

      I totally agree. Light hugging is perfectley ok. At the middle school i go to there is hugging but nobody ever has the guts to kiss or touch in the hallways! Hugging is perfectley fine!!!!!!!

  • Jenny

    This is my opinion; I think they shouldnt ban hugging but instead they should pay more attention to other things like kissing or inapropriate touching. Just because you ban hugging doesnt mean that it will stop affectionate touching! These kids should be able to hug! Maybe not to kiss but hugging is fine!