Over the past year I’ve shared a plethora of indie web shows and films, and because of that, my inbox is going a little HAM with all of the request to “pretty please share my show!” While I certainly can’t share everyone’s work (although I try), I do think it’s important to give up-and-coming filmmakers and writers a chance to shine.

Today’s web show share comes from comedian Joel James. Earlier this month James released his web show, Single Until Proven Guilty, in which he plays Eric, an author who is gun shy about love. Unlike most shows dealing with relationships, Eric isn’t doling out advice, but rather the recipient of other people’s words on love. His assistant feels bad about his single status and wants to set him up, but will it do more harm than good?

Watch and see.

Watch the first 3 episodes of ‘Single Until Proven Guilty’ and check out Joel Jame’s YouTube channel for more clips from the show. 

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  • CB

    He’s laughs at his own jokes too much as well.

    • Hey CB, it’s me Joel James haha Thanks for your comments

  • me

    i couldn’t get past the horrible them song. no thanks.. wth?!?!?!

    i think issa rae spoiled me.

  • me

    i couldn’t get past the horrible theme song. no thanks.. wth?!?!?!

    i think issa rae spoiled me

  • Eibba

    This should revolve around Wackatema. Her character is funny. But other than that, this should be renamed: “Cold Until Proven A Hot Mess.”

  • SouthernComfortNKorea

    My thoughts:
    ~the idea of the book was good,
    ~the plot, interesting,
    ~the humor, a little dry, but I liked…especially Wakatema, that child is hillarious
    ~Eric is cute, and refreshing to see
    ~Grammar, could be better

    Overall, nice try. It’s a hard business I’m sure. Thanks for the efforts Mr. James!