Recently, Nicole Richie–daughter of music legend Lionel Richie–stopped by DJ Whoo Kid’s radio show to discuss her NBC show Fashion Star.

While Nicole was discussing the show, Whoo Kid jokingly asked why he couldn’t be a contestant. Nicole quickly quipped, “Because you’re black.” The group went onto to laugh at the joke and Nicole asked the fellas if they could tell she was black.

Nicole, who is the adopted daughter of Lionel Richie and his ex-wife Brenda, is said to be biracial, but because she was adopted, no one, except her people, really knows.

While I could care less how she identifies, especially considering the drama surrounding her parentage, some people aren’t too happy Richie seems to be claiming her black card when it’s cool and convenient.

But what do you think? And why should it even matter?

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  • dylan

    I’m full black and have medium brown/ blonde hair

  • rawyoo al

    What did you say it’s fake there is only four race
    Black / white / brown / yellow
    The other are just mixed
    Like Mongolian are mixed white and asian because the war happened between Mongolia and Russia
    And in china there it’s more then 11 million mixed with turkish and European that why some asian look like white
    And color of blue and green eyes not originated from Africa
    When will black people will read about history
    Human race
    And the real father and mother of Recently, Nicole are not black she just get adopt by black man that all

    • Mariposa Sedosa

      Um no. There is one race, and that is human. Race is a social construct. And within that construct there is no yellow, white, brown, or black race. Everything originated in Africa. Every single person on the planet with brown eyes has a 95-97% chance of producing an offspring with brown eyes if both parents have dominant brown eyes. They can also produce green and blue eyes offspring. Ask me how I know that. Dude, her parents and family is known. You can even see a picture of her as a child with her natural hair and she fit right in with the Ritchies phenotype. I honestly don’t understand why that is such a hard concept. Her look isn’t that uncommon for African Americans.

    • arugula

      he says there are only four races,black, brown, yellow, white… but rawyo al has forgotten all about the red race……….
      Nicole was raised by black american parents.. she is black in her cultural experience. I don’t know why that matters so much… America is insane and really stupid that way… there is only one race… the human race… colors come from the climate where you live… how much sun… how much snow, what kind of foods are available…these things all make a difference in color…..etc…

  • rawyoo al

    Her real father and mother are not black
    She just get adopt by black man

    • Cali Gurl

      Her mother is biracial wtf are you talking about why would she just say that

    • tt

      Her biological father (Sheila E.’s brother) is bi-racial. His father is Mexican & his mother is African American from Louisiana making Nicole Ritchie part black + she was raised by black adoptive parents. I don’t know what ethnicity her biological mother is though..

  • CudasCrawl

    Her mother is white. Her father is a mestizo.

    • arugula

      If her dad was mestizo she isn’t black……. Mestizo is a cross between a spaniard and an american indian. She’s a white, spanish, american indian.

  • Mariposa Sedosa

    When has Nicole ever denied being black? I highly doubt this interview was a “convenient” time. People do not have to walk around with a shirt on and sign proclaing their blackness. Especially to those that are nosy or think that they are the authority on blackness and go around questioning anyone who appears mixed.