Recently, Nicole Richie–daughter of music legend Lionel Richie–stopped by DJ Whoo Kid’s radio show to discuss her NBC show Fashion Star.

While Nicole was discussing the show, Whoo Kid jokingly asked why he couldn’t be a contestant. Nicole quickly quipped, “Because you’re black.” The group went onto to laugh at the joke and Nicole asked the fellas if they could tell she was black.

Nicole, who is the adopted daughter of Lionel Richie and his ex-wife Brenda, is said to be biracial, but because she was adopted, no one, except her people, really knows.

While I could care less how she identifies, especially considering the drama surrounding her parentage, some people aren’t too happy Richie seems to be claiming her black card when it’s cool and convenient.

But what do you think? And why should it even matter?

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  • hmmm

    dont care…and yes it is quite convenient that she’s talking about it now.

  • CurlySue

    I remember seeing pics of her as a little girl. I always figured she was mixed. Is that not well-known?

    • Nic

      She’s had a nose job and now she straightens and lightens her hair, and all of the people she is seen associated with publicly are white…friends, husband, ex-boyfriends, etc.

      So I think white people esp. tend to put that all together and think she is white, although she doesn’t look white to me even with all of the bells and whistles. It’s funny that they created the one-drop rule but now they are in fact willing to claim anyone (and think it’s a big compliment) who is light enough.

      If you see pictures of her as a little girl with unstraightened hair and and unaltered nose, she just looks like a light-skinned girl.

      A lot of white people don’t know that Rashida Jones is black for the same reason, although in her case, she is sporting naturally straight hair and her real nose.

  • They should just call themselves the tailor made or more conveniently the customized race. You can ONLY claim black when there is need to be cool or seek empathy! Whatev. Ur ass still black to me…

    Now onto more pressing matters, say what Nicole got some black in hurrr?! The white genetics were stroooooooooong oo like cassava.

  • jazzyphile

    Ain’t she suppose to be the “love child” of Pete Escovedo (Sheila E’s daddy). I believe they are Columbian. This makes her E’s half sister.

    • Bee

      I’ve always known that Nicole Richie was biracial. Her father is Peter Escavedo (Sheila E.’s brother) and her mother is black. Nicole looked biracial as a child.

    • Whatever

      “Escovedo is of Mexican, African-American and Creole heritage.”

      So Nicole is Afro- Latino and Black. (mom is black)

      Ummmm so, she is NOT biracial.

    • Nic

      Um, a “Columbian” would be a student or alumni of Columbia University.

      The country “COLOMBIA” would not tell you what someone’s race is, since people in South American come in all of the same races here. Plus, the Excovedo’s Latin roots aren’t Colombian.

      Being Latino and Black aren’t mutually exclusive, and not just b/c in this case, the black side of the family is Black American. So a person can be 100% Latino with two Black parents, or two Asian parents, or two White parents, but a lot of people cannot wrap their minds around that.

  • Leave Nicole alone! Does she have to go around announcing her race? We forget everyone knows she’s MIXED with something– yes, even white folks know. I’ve never heard her claiming to be white either though… maybe I’m wrong.

    • Meow. yes.

    • Whatever

      “Escovedo is of Mexican, African-American and Creole heritage.”

      So Nicole is Afro- Latino and Black. (mom is black)

      Ummmm so, she is NOT biracial.