When I first heard that Huston-Tillotson University student Delisha Thomas achieved one of the highest LSAT scores in the nation, I was ecstatic. Despite all of the negative images in the media, black women achieve great things every single day. However, it seems like Thomas’ success may have been too good to be true.

According to Thomas, she received a letter from the Department of Education congratulating her on her outstanding score. However, a spokesperson for Education Secretary Arnie Duncan says the letter was forged and the department doesn’t issue letters about LSAT scores.

While it doesn’t appear Thomas forged the letter, it is sad that this young lady experienced a very public, very disappointing moment. Hopefully she can bounce back and go on to have a successful law career.

Read more and watch a video with Delisha Thomas over on Austin’s YNN.

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  • Mel

    Not sure why she would think a Department of Education would send her a letter about her LSAT score. There are plenty of people who get very high scores. The recognition you receive is dependent upon whichever school accepts you. It’s not like high school where if you get a score of 2000+ you get some sort of acknowledgement and a coupon for free ice cream.

  • modern lady

    Note to Delisha: If you get a letter from the “Emperor of Nigeria” don’t send him any money. lol