The family and friends of St. Louis teen Sarah Billingsley-Walker are in mourning today. After police found her body on Monday night, many have been wondering what happened to the 18-year-old honor student.

Just two months before graduation and a week after her birthday,  Billingsley-Walker was found dead in a North St. Louis home. Although officials initially said there was no obvious signs of trauma to her body, police said her death was “suspicious.” Wednesday the medical examiner ruled her death a homicide and have determined she was strangled. 

Billingsley-Walker’s family is wondering if her boyfriend may be involved in her death.

St. Louis Today reports:

On Monday, police said, she had called her sister, saying her boyfriend, 17, was holding her against her will. When the sister went to the home on 21st Street and asked if she was there, the boyfriend said she was not.

He was gone when police arrived and found Billingsley-Walker dead in the home at 9:45 p.m. She could have died anytime between noon and 9 p.m. Monday, they said.

Billingsley-Walker lived with her mother, stepfather, and younger brother, but she was found dead at a different home. According to her stepfather, she had spent the weekend looking at colleges in Chicago and complained of being tired. On Monday, she made a rare request: she wanted to stay home from school. He told St. Louis Today he doesn’t know how she ended up in the house where her body was found, but that he and his wife were concerned about her relationship with her boyfriend for some time.

Sarah’s death has shocked the entire community because the teen was loved by many. Billingsley-Walker was named the co-valedictorian of her graduating class, she was also this year’s homecoming queen, a member of the National Honor Society, and a part of the her school’s dance team.

Police are still investigating her death.

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  • Bunny

    I see this kind of thing everyday at my job. Even when they do call the police, the women are the very first to call and see what it takes to get them out of jail, and are always there at their court dates.

  • MsQuita

    Very, very sad. My prayers go out to the family and classmates!!

  • mamareese

    Wow this is awful. This is why it’s so important to know what’s really going on with your kids.

  • QCastle

    Please dont let this be one of those stories where the “nice” girl falls for the bad boy because his badness is so exciting and sexually appealing until his bad boy-ness is turned on her. That would still be tragic yet so predictable.

  • Donald K Sumner

    Wow. So, this is what dating a thug boyfriend leads to…