Wednesday, ABC News obtained video from the Sanford PD that showed George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin’s killer, as he was being led into the police station for questioning. The video, which shows a well-built Zimmerman getting out of the police car unassisted and without blood or bruises to his face and head, contradicts his claims that Martin bashed his head into the concrete, broke his nose, and began viciously beating him.

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This video comes on the heels of the information that the lead detective in the case wanted to arrest Zimmerman because he didn’t believe his self-defense story, but was overruled by Sanford PD’s former police chief, Bill Lee.

Wednesday night also saw the apparence of George Zimmerman’s father, retired judge Robert Zimmerman, who condemned the NAACP, President Obama and others for their “hate” against his son. The elder Zimmerman told MyFoxOrlando that his son was in fear for his life and that Martin was viciously attacking him before the shooting. However, the police surveillance video and the Florida funeral director who prepared Trayvon Martin’s body contradicts Zimmerman’s claims.

EXCLUSIVE: Robert Zimmerman interview: MyFoxORLANDO.com

Last night on MSNBC’s the Last Word, the funeral director told host Lawrence O’donnell that he did not see signs of a vicious fight (no abrasions to the hands or knuckles), as Zimmerman claims, on Trayvon’s body–only a gunshot wound.

In light of these latest developments, the attorneys for the Martin family are hoping for an arrest of the man who killed their son.

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