Queen Latifah is still my favorite. Call it Living Single withdrawal or never having gotten over her final shoot-em-up scene in Set It Off, but I’m always hoping that her next move in rapping or acting or singing or whatever she chooses to do will be an even bigger move than the last.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Queen Latifah will join Gloria Estefan and country singer John Rich of duo Big & Rich as a judge/mentor on the upcoming CW network reality singing competition The Star Next Door, produced by Dave Broome of The Biggest Loser. The show, airing this summer, will try to be different than American Idol and The Voice (and X-Factor…and The Sing-Off) by having the judges travel across the country in search of talent to represent their hometowns and providing them with mentoring — hence the title The Star Next Door. Queen will also serve as Executive Producer through her company Flavor Unit Entertainment, so

The reality singing competition genre is practically unavoidable at this point, even annoyingly so, and I have to wonder how a program like this can truly differentiate itself from all of the other offerings that sound like the exact same thing. Maybe they’ll get people to lose weight while demonstrating that they can sing? I don’t know anymore.

Is the reality singing competition genre played out? Do you look forward to seeing Queen Latifah back on television?

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  • Val

    I like Dana most of the time (remember she did that horrible movie with Steve martin) but I really don’t think the world needs another singing competition. How about an academic competition or something different.

  • Mimi

    Considering this will be about the 50th singing show on tv, I’ll pass. Heck, I’ve even stopped watching AI years ago

  • Blasé

    2 things i wish she would do: return to tv and return to rap. both need her desperately.

    as for this show? I’m with Mimi.

    • DiggZ

      honestly i would have been much happier about this had it been a rap competition and they were using legitimate rappers like Queen Latifah to judge it… but I’m sure that’s never going to happen without it being a sh*tshow so I’ll just be happy that she’s (hopefully) doing big things.

  • Gueen Latifah has the smoothest voice have you all heard her sing ” It seem like a mighty long time”. Dana is worthy of being a judge especially when she has so much control in front of and behind the scenes. I love and respect Flava Unit Entertainment for creating jobs giving to charities and helping innercity youth . I love singing competitions if I could sing I would stand in that line.

  • jenna marie christian

    i’d rather her come back with a good sitcom. i miss shows like Living Single.