I miss Tupac a lot. Many people do. But I’m not sure if a handmade bust of him chilling in your living room is the answer, especially one that looks like this.

Jason Fripps, who is selling the sculpture in his Esty store but does not indicate whether or not he is the sculptor, explains this piece with the following:

Handmade clay sculpture of the late great rapper, poet, and activist Tupac (2pac) Shakur created in his likeness with additional cotton banana and earrings for a unique authentic rich vibe. The piece was made by hand using various techniques, then glazed and fired and polished with a lacquer to give it a simulated bronze look.

Ohh…simulated bronze look. It looks more to me like whoever painted it couldn’t figure out which skin color to make ‘Pac or perhaps didn’t have enough paint to get it quite right. I also don’t think that the presence of a real cotton banana (and I know he meant bandana but the typo is too funny to ignore) and some earrings make what otherwise looks more like a young Louis Gosset, Jr. into Tupac just because you prop it up on a stack of books about Tupac. Or 2Pac. Not for $349.99. No sir.

Who does this sculpture really look like to you?

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