Black History month ended a few weeks ago, but maybe one reason it took so long for this ridiculous notice to surface is that Western Union’s students did not have their “Black History Day” until February 28.

No, Western Union administration and staff, thank you for making sure that we all have the chance to celebrate Black History Month in style! When I was in school, a two hour assembly would have been a serious challenge to my attention span, but knowing that I’d be dressed fresh to death in “African-American attire” might put a little pep in my step as I headed over to the auditorium. You know, my garb involving jungle animals and all.

But seriously…what is “African-American attire”? Kente cloth and crowns and such? Or just leopard and zebra prints and other wild looking things? Because whatever African-American attire (or maybe African attire?) is supposed to mean, I’m befuddled that a t-shirt with a giraffe on it could take its place.

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