From Glamazons Blog: Why do companies insist on labeling clothing with racist, or even race-specific, terms? Vogue Italia came under fire for calling a pair of hoops “slave earrings” and Temperley London labeled a pair of pants “Latino Leather.” The latest of these occurrences, however, is also the most distressing. A bootleg Abercrombie & Fitch site is selling trousers in the color “N*gg*r Brown.” We didn’t believe it ourselves so we took a screenshot:

The site seems to be based in UK but we’re almost certain the racial significance of this highly-offensive term of slander isn’t lost in translation.

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  • Ashley

    The bootleg shop is based in Hong Kong and uses asian software to translate their words. Given that asians do not hold a high regard for African Americans, it doesn’t surprise me that dark brown translates to “nigger”. It does not at all. The racial stereotypes they perpetuate of us and their routine use of blackface in their news media is disgusting.

    The fact that people were so quick to believe this story mostly has to do with the fact that Abercrombie has had racial discrimination suits filed against them in the past.

  • Good thing I don’t shop there. If I did, I would stop immediately.