Shanae Lewis never expected to be offended when she walked into a Montgomery County, Maryland Radio Shack, but that’s exactly what happened.

After purchasing a cassette adapter for her car, Lewis noticed an extra $.05 cent charge on the receipt. When she asked the casher about it, she was informed there was a $.05 bagging fee in the county. Lewis said she and the casher went back and forth about the fee until she decided she wanted to return the item and get a refund. Instead of just entering the total amount refunded on the receipt, according to Lewis, the recept also described her as a “ugly itch” from “Ghettohood, USA.”

“I was shocked more so than anything, and then I became angry,” she said.

Although the cashier said the comments on the receipt were a joke, Radio Shack’s corporate office said it was out of line. They issued a statement saying the company took  “the strongest possible disciplinary actions” against the employee and that this incident isn’t in keeping with their policies.

But Lewis isn’t buy it. She told WUSA9 that she wants “nothing to do with Radio Shack ever again.”

Can you blame her?

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  • kim

    why dont yall become casiers and tell every dumb f#uck that comes thru sir/maam, its a 5 peeny charge for every bag how many would you like, or do you want to put all your items back, or do you wont me to shove it in your purse, or do you want me to call my manager so you can respute the 5 penny charge fu&k every last one of yall twice, yall go be a minunmal wage cashier then

  • markm

    She probably was a Tattooed *itch from the hood. Who gets all up in arms over 5 cents? Isn’t the world a little sick and tired of these gen X losers that have half an education and think that the world owes them something? This is precisely why politicians think that the public is ignorant and needs to be lead. And, she has children? How do you think they will turn out? I’m sure Radio Shack is happy that this customer will never be back.