Oprah is wasting no time infusing OWN with programming that will lift the lagging network up to Oprah-like heights of popularity. Next up: Beverly’s Full House.

Supermodel Beverly Johnson will join Tyra and Heidi in the ranks of models turned reality stars with Beverly’s Full House, which will focus more on “Beverly Johnson the family-oriented businesswoman” than on “Beverly Johnson the model.” Her daughter Anansa, a plus-sized model married to a former NFL player with a brand new baby, is moving into Beverly’s huge estate with her new family. Of course all of the space in the world never seems like enough in those situations, so drama is right around the corner. It sounds like this show will not include all of the cussin’, fussin’, and carryin’ on that we’ve become accustomed to in reality television; not only is Beverly Johnson too old for such nonsense at 59, the presence of a newborn and the Oprah seal of approval likely mean we’re in for good wholesome family fare.

Take a look at the first five minutes of the first episode, premiering on March 30st at 10pm on OWN.

What do you think of the show? Will you tune in?

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