Trend to Try: Sheer Tops — The idea of wearing something sheer may either intrigue or scare the average fashionista. Sheer tops are a romantic and feminine way to dress up any outfit as long as you put something on underneath. These delicate, airy tops are comfortable to wear and easy to layer. Whether you decide to wear a sheer blouse or a sheer tank, you want to avoid having a “stripper moment”. You never want to get caught baring it all in public. (Continue Reading…)

Cleaning Our My Closet — The other day, I walked into my closet hoping to find something to wear for the night. But although clothes, shoes, bags, belts and jewelry surrounded me from every angle, I couldn’t find anything to put on. Barely any of the garments fit the mood I was in, or just fit my body for that matter. None were appropriate for the weather outside or suitable for the evening’s events. And there were few items which I had shoes to match, or that didn’t still need to be hemmed, re-buttoned, or dry-cleaned. There was nothing. Thirty minutes into my search, I was still rockin’ my white plush robe and Target slippers. (Continue Reading…)

Top Black Beauty Bloggers — Bloggers continue to dominate much of the content we absorb today. Hence, why we always make it a priority to give you our top bloggers of the moment. We gave you a list of our 9 Black Fashion Bloggers Worth Bookmarking, so you know we had to provide a list of our favorite black beauty bloggers. (Continue Reading…)

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