What’s Your Favorite Black Hair Care Brand? —  Walking in any Target store or neighborhood beauty supply, you’re likely to come across a new black hair care line every time you shop. Companies are finally listening to the hair care woes of black women and creating specific lines to help us maintain whatever styles we choose—and as an added bonus to fabulous hair we also get to buy black. For the past month I’ve been working out at least five days a week, and trying more products than my wallet would like in a search for the perfect line to maintain my hair. It’s been tough to find a product that gives me enough hold without my hair being too crunchy, frizzy, dry, poufy, weighed down, etc. etc, but a couple of weeks ago I brought my search to an end when I stumbled across Beautiful Textures.  (Continue Reading…)

Trend to Try: Crop Tops — Cropped, bustier style tops were a big hit on the spring 2012 runways of Versace, Emilio Pucci, and Dolce & Gabbana. As a former fashion star of the 1990s, the crop top has returned with a more modern, fashion forward flare. Spring’s biggest shirt trend gives you a chance to show off your favorite body part beyond the beach. (Continue Reading…)

13 Beauty Mistakes that Turn Men Off —  A wise Canadian once said: “… You don’t do it for the men. Men never notice.” Welp, he lied that time. It’s true, guys are generally aloof to the minute details of our daily primping; raise your hand if it’s ever taken your boo a couple days to notice that new hairstyle you could’ve sworn was drastic. Uhhhh huh. But, there are certain things that they don’t hesitate to take note of, and speak out against. Allure Magazine polled a group of our counterparts to get the scoop on beauty “mistakes” women make that are the ultimate turn-offs. Here are a few of the ones that stuck out from the list. Are you guilty? (Continue Reading…)


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