This video marks the true beginning of the hype that will surround the film Think Like A Man, the adaptation of Steve Harvey’s relationship advice guide that seems to have been in the works forever. Jennifer Hudson looks great rocking a sexy secretary look alongside Kevin Hart’s comedic stylings with support from Ne-Yo and Rick Ross, but the chorus “you gotta act like a woman/think like a man,” is hard to take seriously knowing how problematic the concept behind it is.

What do you think?

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  • Love it! So happy to hear her sing a song that doesn’t put me in the mind of my grandmother! I mean I’m older than her for Christ’s sake and I forever feel like she’s steady entertaining the wrong demographic! Let’s also give a s/o to the hair/clothes stylists!!! No more Oprah hair! Whooop Whooop!!

  • Ness

    So much negativity here… Jennifer Hudson has an amazing voice, as for the movie, its based off the book… so, if u hvnt read it, thn u won’t understand the song or Rick Ross (<3 him), but I read the book… So I get it. As for me, I'm ready to c the movie. :::OAN::: I too am a Kevin Hart fan

  • Ness

    YAHOO questions


    What is Jennifer Hudson saying at the start of think like a man? I don’t know whats she saying :/

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    hey look low, hey look lay look low, hey look lay look low, hey look lay look low :) Source(s): I work for Epic records :)

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  • Don

    I thought it was great, and the negative comments I have read takes me back to the Black Doll, White Doll test that we know all too well. Stop kicking yourselves in the behind.