On Sunday March 25, Chaka Khan gathered a host of other R&B singers, celebrities, and concerned volunteers to re-record her song “Super Life” in tribute to Trayvon Martin. The session took place in Hollywood’s Henson Recording Studios, the same place where 1985’s “We Are The World” was recorded over twenty-five years ago.

In attendance were Angela Bassett, Terry Crews, Kelly Price, Boris Kodjoe, and dozens of other influential people lending their voices to the cause of love and justice. The theme — as sported on their matching t-shirts underneath symbolic hoodies — is “Super Life — Fear Kills, Love Heals.” Chaka Khan explains:

The death of Trayvon Martin was a shot heard around the world. Celebrities are privileged beyond belief to have a public following. We have explored and exploited media to our own benefits. Now its time to exploit media for the benefit of humanity as a whole. As purveyors of content and media, we need to use our voices to stop injustice at the site of its origin. Please follow our campaign on Twitter by using the hashtag #fearkillsloveheals.

“Super Life” was originally on Chaka Khan’s 2007 album Funk This and features the following lyrics:

“A mama’s cryin’/’Cause another young man has gone and died / He’s not some statistic / He’s another awesome destiny denied”

What do you think of this tribute?

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