The fight for justice for Trayvon continues, and by now the mainstream media has dug its claws into every aspect of the shocking case. One of the developments that people have found the most off-putting is George Zimmerman’s friend Joe Oliver making the media rounds in his defense. Oliver is black, and insists that he has “a gut feeling” that Zimmerman could not have targeted Trayvon Martin with any racial motivation. He swears that the word “coons” on the 911 tape is possibly the word “goons,” has it under good authority that Zimmerman was badly beaten by Trayvon, and most shockingly asserts that “if we weren’t here talking about George killing Trayvon, we’d be talking about Trayvon killing George.” Man, what?

Thankfully MSNBC’s The Last Word hosted by Lawrence O’Donnell was one of Oliver’s stops last night, because it’s hard to watch people interview Oliver and not eviscerate him for the utter lack of knowledge that he’s driving this nonsensical pro-Zimmerman public relations campaign with. O’Donnell, Charles Blow, and Jonathan Capehart really let this guy have it. Watch as the tough questions are asked during the first segment of the show:

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Did you know that Charles Blow was gangster like that? I certainly didn’t. The segment of the show that follows also does no favors for Joe Oliver’s image and basically ends with him looking and sounding like an irrelevant fool.

Now, it’s sad to have heard words like “Uncle Tom” and “traitor” directed towards Joe Oliver just because he’s defending a non-black person from charges of racism. But as the journalists here demonstrate quite well, this man has no idea what he’s talking about and it’s rather suspicious that he’s getting involved at all. Quitting his job to hit the media circuit to defend a friend of six years who he hasn’t seen since well before the shooting? With a canned version of events that he didn’t witness and no true ability to demonstrate that Zimmerman could not possibly be a racist? Thank you, MSNBC, for getting to the bottom of this character’s lack of knowledge and his shady role in the Trayon Martin incident.

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  • kissa

    I watched this last night..I knew this man was paid,paid,paid..He is an ex CNN anchor and has knowledge of press interviewing..Its sad he just ruined his life and credibilty over a few bucks..I don’t know who will hire him now..

    • jayne doh

      who will hire him now?

      ^ Fox News ^

    • kissa

      ^^ Lmao Jayne that is indeed true..Leave it to faux news…

  • Dalili

    I don’t like what Joe Oliver stands for in this case but that was painful to watch! I wished the interviewers had let him answer some of the questions, I think he would have contradicted himself even more. Can’t wait for April 10th so we can hear about this other “evidence” that will blow the case wide open.

  • yannii

    Bwahaha, they ripped Joe two new ones.

    Jonathan Capeheart reminds me of Brother Mouzone from The Wire.

  • NYTN

    Just so we understand what an “Uncle Tom” is, Joe Oliver is NOT such for “defending a non-black person”. White people notoriously misapply this term to describe situations where a Black person supposedly takes an unpopular position. The so-called Black community is very diverse in opinions and values, and is not as monolithic as people supposedly think.

    Joe Oliver is an “Uncle Tom” for this reason: He is ATTEMPTING TO ENHANCE HIS PERSONAL POSITION in the eyes of some influential group AT THE EXPENSE of his own peer group’s or community’s position.

  • Ms. Information

    Wasn’t at all surprised that his wife is white…LOL