1991 Speech by Barack ObamaIn his last year at Harvard University, Barack Obama–then president of the prestigious Harvard Law Review–threw his support and allegiance behind Harvard law professor Derrick Bell.

Bell, who was Harvard’s first black tenured professor, staged a dramatic protest calling for more diversity of the university’s faculty. At the time, Harvard’s law school only had three black and five female professors, and Bell demanded more. The professor, known for his critical race theory, famously told Harvard that he would go on strike and take a leave of absence if the school didn’t add more women and professors of color to its ranks.

Recently, Buzzfeed obtained footage from a 1991 rally to support Dr. Bell’s efforts. In it, Barack Obama gives an impassioned intro for the beloved professor. Sounding a lot like the Barack Obama of today, the future President was able to inspire, unite, and once again support a progressive cause.

Check it out.

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