1991 Speech by Barack ObamaIn his last year at Harvard University, Barack Obama–then president of the prestigious Harvard Law Review–threw his support and allegiance behind Harvard law professor Derrick Bell.

Bell, who was Harvard’s first black tenured professor, staged a dramatic protest calling for more diversity of the university’s faculty. At the time, Harvard’s law school only had three black and five female professors, and Bell demanded more. The professor, known for his critical race theory, famously told Harvard that he would go on strike and take a leave of absence if the school didn’t add more women and professors of color to its ranks.

Recently, Buzzfeed obtained footage from a 1991 rally to support Dr. Bell’s efforts. In it, Barack Obama gives an impassioned intro for the beloved professor. Sounding a lot like the Barack Obama of today, the future President was able to inspire, unite, and once again support a progressive cause.

Check it out.

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  • bluedove

    I wonder if this is this the “secret tape” that conservative Andrew Breitbart was going to release to discredit Obama before his untimely death? If so, it’s not incriminating at all, and just shows he had leadership skills early on. Sad.

    • Becca

      Yes this is the video. Then there is another one where someone is saying this is the video we had to hide during 2008 but now we don’t care. Not really showing much but if this video will keep white america from voting for Obama then God Bless America.

  • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

    Are you guys trying to make sure he doesn’t get elected?


    • Guest

      um why would him standing up for something he believed in not get him elected

    • Jenning

      @thebestanonever, pt.2

      R u stupid or WHAT! He did NOTHING wrong. At least he speaks up! when OTHER wouldn’t. Stop being a scary SLAVE!!!

    • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

      Are you two insane? I was kidding and do you guys really not see how the conservatives will try (and fail I think) to spin this? I don’t really care or think it would work, but the ‘joke’ (obviously a failed) one was based on that idea.

    • Dalili

      LOL @ TheBestAnonEver, Part 2, I got the joke!

  • Guest

    Ah barack Obama: Charming circa 1991

  • Dalili

    He sounds exactly as he does now! LOL!

    • Alexandra

      Haha! He hasn’t changed.
      His hands sure loved those pockets back in the day though.

  • If Obama asked me to be his mistress, I would say yes, without as much thinking how dumb a proposition it would be!!!!!!!

    • GiftGiver


      You give “Obama appreciation” a bad name!

      Can we please try to think of more imaginative ways of saying how much we love & appreciate our president than this pathetic mistress hypothetical that you’ve come up with?!
      That kind of “love” is tawdry!
      You don’t need to be associating yourself with that kind of disrespect.
      The president doesn’t need that kind of disrespect.
      The FLOTUS doesn’t need to be in earshot of that kind of disrespect.
      The Obama children don’t need to be assailed by these embarrassing and salacious “compliments” to their dad.

    • @ Gift Giver,

      preach not to the heathen for they are already in hell.

    • MIkela123

      If Obama showed up my doorstep tonight and asked me to be his mistress (knowing that he doesn’t plan to leave Michelle) I would be so hurt and disappointed that he could do that to Michelle and destroy my image of him, don’t think I would go through with it.

      Yes, I know. He’s a man, he’s a human being, Haha. I still want to hold on to my fantasy of him as being the only man on earth who wouldn’t dream of cheating on his wife. LOL.

      Also, I think that if any woman (especially a sista) ever admitted to having an affair with Obama, she would be the most hated person on the planet. LOL. She would have go into hiding and leave the country to be safe. Too many people are invested in the image of “Barack and Michelle” politically and emotionally. Her life would literally be in danger.