Philly’s own quirky girl, Santi White aka Santigold, is back with the first “proper” single from her upcoming album, Master of My Make-Believe. 

Although another song leaked last month, Disparate Youth is the lead single from Santigold’s latest musical mashup.

While the UK paper the Guardian called Santigold’s previously released track Big Mouth a “fairly ridiculous…clattering, drum-heavy racket that sounded like a lost MIA song,” Disparate Youth is a much more precise offering complete with perfectly placed guitar riffs, ’80s-sounding keys, and a hint of a Caribbean vibe.

Master of My Make-Believe, due out May 1is Santigold’s first album in nearly four years and from the sound of things, it promises to be a good one.

Watch Santigold’s video for Disparate Youth and tell us what you think!

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