Since ditching my day job, I’ve had to get very creative. Less discretionary cash, no health insurance, and generally wanting to live healthier without a lot of artificial chemicals have led me to search for various home remedies.

Although I already knew a few things about how to reuse everyday items for other uses, now that I’m forced to be created, I’ve learned a whole lot more.

So, what should be in your pantry at all times?

Honey: Honey has various uses and many of them have nothing to do with food! Honey can be used as a natural cough medicine (I give it to my son, works like a charm), a hair conditioner, a cure for dry skin, and because of its antimicrobial properties, it can even treat cuts and burns. Who knew?

Baking soda: Even if you aren’t into making cookies and cakes, you should always keep baking soda on hand. Baking soda can be added to just about anything to make it cleaner: your laundry, your tooth brush, and your hair. It can also be used as a natural deodorant, a stomach soother, and to get rid of odors in your home.

Vinegar: Although it has a pungent smell, vinegar is one of the most versatile and useful items you can own.  Like baking soda it can be used to clean your hair (Apple Cider Vinegar), deodorize your drains, and can disinfect counter tops and other surfaces, but it can also be used to keep you healthy. Rinsing your hair in vinegar can help get rid of dandruff, while gargling with it can help soothe a sore throat. Literally, the possibilities are endless.

Other good things to keep on hand? Ginger, coconut oil, olive oil, and lemons.

What’s you’re favorite home remedy?   

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  • Whatever

    COCONUT OIL – amazing for hair and skin. I add it to castor oil and add a few drops of tea tree oil for my hot oil treatments.

    APPLE CIDER VINEGAR – I had a yeast infection about 2 years ago and I added a tablespoon of ACV to a bottle of water and drank four bottles a day… totally got rid of it in less than 3 days.

    TEA TREE OIL – great for dry/itchy scalp. I use it in the winter right on my scalp after I wash my hair.

    JOJOBA OIL – Best facial moisturizer for me (and I have oily skin). Also takes makeup off right away… including stubborn mascara.

    In the summer I do NOT use sunscreen. I know it sounds crazy but most sunscreens have terrible chemicals in it that get into your blood stream. I wash my face and use witch hazel as a toner. When I get home I apply aloe and maybe a bit of moisturizer.

    Here’s a database that lists which beauty products are the most harmful:


  • Netta

    Garlic, garlic, garlic! My hubby turned me on to what we call “garlic water”. If you feel a cold bug coming on, crush a clove and steep in hot water. Doesn’t taste or smell great but it’s the best cold remedy hands down! Garlic is a cure-ALL! Do some research and I promise you will agree!

    @african mami- don’t hate…@pretty cute is rite about the garlic clove for yeast. It works faster and is a lot less harsh than anything otc! Why pay $7-$15 for a tube of cream when you can buy a clove of garlic for $0.30! I poke a few holes in a clove and wrap in a piece of gauze for easy insertion and removal. And yes, it does make your breath smell and mouth taste like garlic until you take it out but your lil mami down there will thank you!
    *(A tampon soaked in tea tree oil works well too but is a bit harsh for me!)

    @whatever-I hadn’t heard about the acv trick for yeast but I do use it for athlete’s foot, (what I call “funky toes”…lol). I just swab some on with a cotton ball, full strength. Works immediately!

    My skin and hair are super dry! I use only olive oil for my skin and add it and honey to my homemade shampoo.

    I’ll stop there but I have so many! :-)