Choosing the perfect car can be as difficult as choosing the perfect pair of shoes or shade of lipstick. You have to make sure the car you choose is right for you and fits your lifestyle. The Toyota Camry and Toyota Rav 4 are two vehicles that any Clutch woman would love. Not sure which one is for you? Check out our reasons why the Camry…or the Rav 4, would be just the right fit for you!

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  • LAD86

    Whichever one I can get for free.

  • Is it just me or does the Rav4 keep getting bigger each year? I loved when it was small and cute.

    • LAD86

      No. A lot of cars in that style have gotten bigger.

  • omfg

    well, i don’t really drive; i ride my bike many places.

    but when i did, i had hondas – two in all. my second choice would be a toyota prius.

    my mother drives toyotas and so does my brother.

    we like japanese cars i guess.