This morning I did a quick Facebook check and noticed a picture of a revealing woman in my news feed. After reading the post, which asked “why would somebody go out dressed like that?!” I began to wonder why some people (mostly women) care so much about how others look, dress, and act?

As I scanned the comments, I found many of the women agreeing with the original poster. Some even commented that they would never date a man who would go out with “a woman like that,” because clearly they want someone of lesser value.


When it comes to men and their attraction to women, as one of my friend’s said the other day, he’s never stepped to a woman because she looked educated.  Instead he approaches women he finds attractive. That’s it. Just because a man dated a women you thought wasn’t on your level (whatever that means) doesn’t necessarily mean he wouldn’t be a good match for you as well.

However, when it comes to being critical of other people’s choices, I often notice that many times, we use the other person as a comparison to ourselves. For instance, I’ve heard woman say “I would never dress like her because I’m better than that!” or “I would never act like her because I have self-respect!” Kuddos to you for having self-respect, but do you really have to diss another woman in the process?

Perhaps it just me, but when it comes to superficial things like how they dress, who they date, or how they act…I could care less what other people do.

What do you think? Why do some folks have so much to say about others?

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