“When you put a date on your dream, it becomes a goal. When you aim for the goal, it becomes a challenge. When you beat the challenge, the reward is success. To have success… you need a dream…”  – Raja Akhtar

Six months ago, I quit my teaching job and began writing full time. But going into this school year I knew it would be my last. After teaching for five years, I didn’t want to do it anymore, and I knew my sixth would be it. And it was…only I didn’t make it until June. Unlike years past when I felt completely stuck and couldn’t figure out how to change things, all I needed was an absolute date to kick my butt into gear and begin making the change happen.

Have you been thinking about making a change for some time and it just hasn’t happened yet? Maybe you’re frustrated with your weight and want to get in shape, have you set a reasonable date of completion for your goals? Or perhaps you want to go back to school to study something you love, do you know when it will happen?

Dreams are great…we all have them, but to accomplish your dreams you need to turn your “I wish I could…” into actual action. Write down your dreams, set reasonable goals, create an action plan, and work your ass off to get there.

You can do it, Clutchettes!

Happy Friday!

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  • Really needed this.

    Thanks Britni.

  • Ocean Blue

    I put a date on my dreams and they never came true.

  • thank you for this. i do appreciate it. you don’t know how much this is needed right now. between this post and arielle’s on quit your job you guy are really telling me something. alas though my date is set for the dream to be achieved… the plan is in place… and i’m already working toward making everything a reality. january 20th here i come… (yes it takes that damn long lol)

    thanks again.

  • Bosslady

    Love it! #thatisall