Well, today in “sh*t stupid people say,” the woman behind the offensive anti-Obama bumper sticker, “Don’t Re-Nig 2012,” said she’s not a racist and neither is the sticker.

Despite the well-documented history of the n-word, Paula Smith of Hinesville, Georgia (and owner of Stickatude.com), says the word isn’t racist at all and she doesn’t see what all the fuss is about.

In an interview with Forbes, Smith told the mag, “According to the dictionary, [the N word] does not mean black. It means a low down, lazy, sorry, low down person. That’s what the N word means.”


Smith continued, claiming that even IF the word referred to black people, President Obama doesn’t qualify, you know, because he’s not black.

The Forbes article explains:

“And besides Obama is not even black. He’s got a mixture of race. It’s his choice of what his nationality is. I’m a mixed breed. I call myself a Heinz 57,” she says, referring to an ancestry that’s part of French, Scottish, and German.

“I just want someone that’s going to help the United States and not give it other countries all the time. And stop giving the immigrants the benefits that most Americans inside their own states can’t even get because they’re giving it others who don’t even live here as an American.

“I do find it amazing and entertaining that one of our stickers has become a racist thing,” Ms. Smith told me. I asked her if she thought the “N” Word was a bad word? “No,” she said, ” because I don’t use it. I have kids here around me that are black kids. I call them my own kids. I’ve helped black families…to guide them in the right direction. Paintball is one of these things. We like to laugh and have a good time. That’s our way of life.”

I guess that explains that. Hmph.

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  • James Earl Ray

    Nothing wrong with the N word, I use it everyday :)

  • Walter Ring

    Well, seeing that Obama IS a NIGGER, what is wrong with the sticker?

  • ray

    NIGGER, NIGGER a NEGRO NIGGER; a black lazy person, oh wait.. the majority of blacks are NEGRO also are lazy. From TIFTON, GA and oh yeah were a bunnch of racist, right? I guess since my wife and I have adopted a negro child from Sudan and were white, that in your liberal eyes makes me less racist when you see us in public. We aren’t racist but we believe in stereotypes. Not all blacks are lazy, but all Niggers are Lazy. Damn PC ethnicities and liberals so easily offended. Hell carlos mencia offended the damn mexicans. What is the world coming to where everyone needs to be so concerned how they make other people feel. If your so hurt by words or what someone says,your week and pathetic and need to grow some damn balls.


    TO :THE BLACK,THE WHITE ,THE RED AND THA BROWN, PURPLE AND YELLOW! :)You all are obviously RACIST-Educate yourselves! Oh Yeahhhh – WHY is a white person ONLY ONE THATS RACIST? Reverse racism for all others?? Why IS MY GRANDPA,MY DADDY AND HUSBAND ARE THE 3 HARDEST (IMPOSSIBLE TO WORK HARDER) WHITE MEN ANYONE COULD EVER KNOW,… YET……………They are the ONLY people -white men- that are NOT a minority??? REAALLLY?!!! Thats pretty damn WACK for everyone else to get low interest loans, govt assistance (playing the system..oh soo many..you know it! BUUT -THE REAL MAN! Working knuckles to his f…n bones gets ZERO<ZILCH<NADA help???? But GUESS WHAT?? A MAN like my Grandpa, Daddy And Husband wouldnt take help…ITS CALLED PRIDE ! GET SOME!! TO ALL THE IGNORANT HATERS ("reverse racist f…s" HA- MORE F,…n racist! I'm half and half…BUT Hate the MORE AND MORE OBVIOUS RACISM FROM BLACKS TOWARDS WHITES- SICK SHIT! EMBARRASSING TO THAT BHALF OF MY IDENTITY- REALLY?? Im constantly apologizing for the ignorance my "darker skin tone side, ONLY DIFFERENCE BETWEEN RACES- as we all bleed red look the same inside" the comments the obvious hatred for white folks, who are – the hundreds I know are AMAZING & i LOOK all black…" To know ppl r still "GOING THERE" is super ridiculous and disturbing!! GET OVER IT! Stop lookin for every lil thing to bring our race DOOOWN- will never grow as long as slipper wearin ,curlers at the grocery store, welfare- TRIFLIN…IGNORANT,once again, ppl will MAKE THEIR LIVES BETTER ON THEIR OWN MERIT! STOP COMPLAININ….DO SOMETHING…GOOD LAWDY, MAKES ME PHYSICALLY ILL WHEN OBAMA HAS RUINED SOOOO MANY BUSINESSES.. (HIS POLICIES ANYWAY, HAVE KILLED 5 GENERATION FAMILY BIZ'S, NEVER KNOWN SO MANY PPL TO LOSE WORK AND FORCLOSED HOMES IN THE LAST FEW YRS! YES ,HE INHERITED A LOT- BUT WHHHHY WOULD HE WANTAND FIGHT FOR A JOB HE COULDNT HANDLE??? LIAR, HE IS!!M WAKE UP FELLOW PPL OF COLOR- ROMNEY AT LEAST HAS ECONOMIC, BUSINESS MANAGEMENT SKILLS- OBAMA HAD ZERO EXP BUT A "CHARMING MOUTH" AND SOLD US ALL OUT …MADE US LOOK LIKE FOOLS- PEACE AND PLZ DONT VOTE IF HES WHO U R FOR- UNLESS U WANNA SEE "CHINERICA"…GOOD LAWD! SERIOUSLY???

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