For many of us, our homes already look like they were ripped from the pages of an Ikea catalogue, but would you buy a house from the popular furniture company?

In a new partnership with Oregon architecture firm Ideabox, Ikea has plans to offer prefabricated one-bedroom, one-bathroom homes for sale. The eco-friendly homes were designed to fit the needs of folks in the Pacific Northwest and will include energy-saving appliances.

The houses, dubbed “the Aktiv” by the company, will begin at $79,500 and are currently being showcased at Portland Home & Garden Show.

Would you buy a prefabricated Ikea home? 

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  • minna k.


    When they opened their store in Brooklyn 4 years ago, half of their demo products were broken on display within 2 weeks.


    Around here is actually not a bad price for new home.

    (Sans gut job, new plumbing, stairway, asbestos cleaning, a roof, legal bathrooms installation, electric and heating system, evicting the squatter, and renting a dumpster to put all of their liquor bottles. $800 thou being the median price for a pre owned hole that would require the above.)

    • hoops

      It is 80 thousand not 800 thousand. A bit over $100/sq ft which is not too bad. About what you would pay for a mobile home.

  • iQgraphics

    I went to the site an peeped the floor plan. its a railroad so you can’t have company, unless you don’t mind ppl going thru your bedroom to use the bathroom.
    it just looks like a mobile home that they attached to the ground

  • Melanie

    Ikea is marketing the properties, which are expected to be 20 per cent cheaper than comparable homes in the area, at those people priced out of Britain’s housing market who are struggling to buy their first home.
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