I’ve always joked that most celebrities have more money than they have time or reasons to spend it. So naturally, the idea of insured body parts seemed a bit far fetched at first. It may sound crazy to us, but when your livelihood depends a great deal upon your physical appearance, it makes sense to, perhaps, protect your finest assets. Many entertainers are dishing out the big bucks to insure their money-makers.

The truth is, celebs have been taking out insurance policies on their most noteworthy features for decades, even back in the early 1900’s. American film star Bette Davis, for example, had her waistline insured in the 1920’s! No french fries and ice cream for her. So who’s signing off on these peculiar plans? Certainly not StateFarm or BlueCross BlueShield. These days, many cases are handled by UK-based insurance company Lloyd’s of London, which describes itself as “the world’s leading market for specialist insurance”. The company goes on to say that they “insure some of the world’s largest, most unique and complicated risks.” Surely, a cinched waist is a unique and complicated risk. I guess.

Here’s the question: If you were a multi-millionaire celeb, which physical feature would you insure?! We wanna know!

After the jump, check out a list of some celebrities who have been rumored to insure their signature body parts. So much for the saying “Break a leg!” Many of ’em have those covered…

– Chelsea Smith

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