It’s hard to believe we’ve made it through over four years of racist jabs at Barack Obama and it’s scary to think that, in the best case scenario, we’ll have endure at least four more; the racists don’t seem to be going anywhere and are increasingly brazen in announcing racist anti-Obama sentiments. Take a look at this photo showing a car proudly displaying a bumper sticker that attempts to make a play on the racial slur that has apparently been on the minds of Obama-haters for years.

Two things make me furious about this. My first problem is that the word is renege, meaning to deny, renounce, or go back on a previous committment (my spades players out there know the deal), not renig. Not only is the offensive slur a misspelling but the meaning doesn’t even make sense here. Cute. Really cute.

Secondly, how bold must you be to rock a slogan like this on your car? Does this person want his or her windows busted out and tires slashed? Because I’m quite sure that a linguistically and racially frustrated person such as myself could have a hard time resisting the opportunity to deface the value right out of this ride. People really have some nerve!

What do you think?

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