It’s hard to believe we’ve made it through over four years of racist jabs at Barack Obama and it’s scary to think that, in the best case scenario, we’ll have endure at least four more; the racists don’t seem to be going anywhere and are increasingly brazen in announcing racist anti-Obama sentiments. Take a look at this photo showing a car proudly displaying a bumper sticker that attempts to make a play on the racial slur that has apparently been on the minds of Obama-haters for years.

Two things make me furious about this. My first problem is that the word is renege, meaning to deny, renounce, or go back on a previous committment (my spades players out there know the deal), not renig. Not only is the offensive slur a misspelling but the meaning doesn’t even make sense here. Cute. Really cute.

Secondly, how bold must you be to rock a slogan like this on your car? Does this person want his or her windows busted out and tires slashed? Because I’m quite sure that a linguistically and racially frustrated person such as myself could have a hard time resisting the opportunity to deface the value right out of this ride. People really have some nerve!

What do you think?

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  • freedom

    hey its freedom of speech…just like you can complain about it…not saying it’s right but that’s what this country is made upon…you dont like it move to iran and see how far your complaining goes

    • Colt1911


      I think the intellectual clabber-heads took their toys and moved to a different sand box.
      Darn !! I hate it when that happens.

  • Colt1911

    Minority Votor; I’m glad you live down here where your vote won’t really count. I’m sure the O’boy campaign will appreciate your money though. I’m overdue on my NRA contribution. Thanks for reminding me.

    • Minority Voter

      Man, with a handle like Colt1911 – I would have never pegged you for a card carrying member of the NRA (lol). Aside from the few jabs we took at each other, I respectfully don’t want to go down the ‘fist shaking’ path with you (my respects to Carson (N-Word) and MZn (what’ll happen)). Instead, just curious about your ‘much different than my’ opinion. Why do you think ‘O-boy’ as you call him, could win in November? What’s so appealing about Herman Cain?

      As for thinking he has it locked; me personally… Bush/Gore 2000, it ain’t over till its over.

  • Colt1911

    Minority Votor,

    To your question about why I like Herman Cain;

    A few points on the subject and thanks for asking:

    He doesn’t have a Law Degree HUGE PLUS
    He is pro Second Amendment HUGE PLUS
    He has much experience with business management. PLUS
    He would give the hard working, Patriotic, Christian, Anti One World Government Blacks and other minorities a candadite to vote for. They won’t vote for a wealthy white guy with “Breck Girl” hair. Romney will have his ass handed to him in November and some day, I’ll live every day as a criminal….The same way I lived before our Governor passed conceal and carry.

    Ultimately; he is our best chance of defeating the most dangerous threat to freedom in my lifetime. ULTIMATE PLUS

    For me, it makes no difference that O’ boy is black. I despised Clinton and I think his wife is smarter and more dangerous than he is. If O’boy had any sense, he would run her in the VP spot and fire that Biden clabber-head. He is a smooth speaker but not quite as sharp as I once thought. Maybe there is still hope…

  • Regulater/Clutch

    Yea it’s terrible how ‘they’want to impose there believes, worste of all ‘they’ would deny Americans the right to free speech just because ‘they’ don’t like the message being sent. Like if someone had a bumper sticker ‘they’ didn’t agree with, Don’t ‘they’ know ‘they’ like how Obama passes the buck, plays the blame game. And if ‘they’ can’t get ‘they’re’ way then it’s someone elses fault. ‘They’ are always the takers, never the givers ‘they’ are parasites feeding on human desperation ‘They’ are the democrats and the leftist elite. People are starving and Obama gives them hot air.

    Obama is The Great Divider and the posts here prove it, look at all the hate and ignorance you have here.