It’s been a minute since Missy Elliot was on the scene dropping her signature vocals and off-beat style on tracks, but it looks like she’s ready for her comeback.

Rapper J. Cole recently released the visuals for his song Nobody’s Perfect which features Missy singing the hook and dropping a verse. Rocking her signature short ‘do, and looking svelte and healthy, Missy glides through the video looking like her old self again.

Check out Nobody’s Perfect and let us know what you think!

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  • bongomongo

    This was one of my favourite songs off the album…missy elliot is the cherry on top. i love the aye aye aye-eeeee.

    if your not a fan of j. cole then you wouldn’t understand that this is a song for the charts and radio. its short and sweet and easy to listen to, the real shit doesn’t always get released, so maybe his lyrics are limited in this song, but if you were to hear “losing my balance”, “daddy’s little girl”, “lost ones”, “lights please”, “killers”, “how high”and “breakdown” (i could go on) you would realise he has BRILLIANT skills and portrays real life scenarios and tries to show the better half than the negative. Hes not your typical rapper today, he’s not all about money, cars and hoes (sometimes hoes) but he challenges the public ears.

    Even though i am a fan he still can improve but where he is now, is damn sure better than the shit they call music today. j. cole is doing a bloody good job and i love his music. if you listen to this electric, pop business don’t bother reply.

  • dee

    Its a song for da public. If u listen to his mixtapes n not just his mainstream stuff u will know more of his music. Great video and missy Elliott on it is even better