This is hot, very, very hot!

According to film blog Shaddow & Act two of our favorite actors, Taraji P. Henson and Idris Elba are teaming up to star in a thriller called No Good Deed.

Producer Will Packer, whose film company Rainforest Films was behind Think Like A Man and Takers, recently mentioned he was about to begin shooting the film, which will reunite Elba with one of the directors from his hit British drama Luther.

No Good Deed will reportedly be directed by Brit Sam Miller, and will center “around a former DA-turned-stay-at-home mom and her two small children who are terrorized and kidnapped from their home when she invites a good-looking mysterious stranger in to wait for help after his car ran off the road.”

Sounds promising!

No Good Deed is set to begin filming this year and will probably hit screens in 2013.

Will you be grabbing a ticket?

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  • Will Packer is one of the producers of this film- so you know what that means…it’s probably going to be terrible.

    And Taraji in a suspense thriller? That’s as believeable as Zoe Saldana as an action star, LMAO!!!

  • kidole

    i wanted to be excited but after reading this…not so much!

  • Bee

    Not that excited about the film premise, but these are two of my favorite actors. So, I’ll probably check it out. Btw: am I the only one who thinks those two would make an absolutely gorgeous couple?

    • Dalili

      You aren’t alone @ Bee. :-)

  • Brit,
    I initially read the title of the post to be that they are now a couple. I ignored it, because I did not want to believe that Idris my lover would be capable of cheating on me.

  • LAD86

    Probably not.