Tons of websites and blogs are popping up with advice and news on Black hair care and with so many sites to choose from it can be hard to sift through all the fluff and figure out which ones have the best info. We know you likely have one or two sites you visit religiously for all things hair care, but here are three hair boards we love and that are worth checking out—if you haven’t already done so.

Long Hair Care Forum

Website: longhaircareforum.com

This is the place where all the “long hair, don’t care” ladies gather together and share tips. For the longest it’s been thought that women of color can’t grow long hair (unless they’ve got some Indian in them) and we know that’s just not true. With proper styling, moisturizing, and overall healthy hair care regimens you can grow long hair if you wish and these ladies can definitely show you how with tons of product reviews and thread discussions on how to make it happen.

Black Hair Media

Website: blackhairmedia.com

Black Hair Media is where pop culture and hair care meet. This lifestyle hair board goes beyond styling tips for women who are natural, relaxed, or wear weaves, it talks about the way women’s hair styles affect the relationships with the men in their lives, their overall image, and their careers. There are a bunch of articles on hair care tips for whatever style of choice you’re currently rocking, and the site also has tutorials on tricky style techniques like using flexi rods or making messy buns. With the Talk Café forum his site is pretty much your online beautician.


Website: nappturality.com

Now for something just for the natural ladies, Nappturality is all about helping ladies stick to their choice of forgoing “creamy crack” and unhealthy chemicals in general. Transitioning is one of the hardest parts about going natural and Nappturality has an entire section to help ladies work through this period of hair doubt. There’s also a community forum to share tips and questions with other natural sisters, and a list of articles on everything you want to know but don’t know who to ask, plus profiles of natural celebs like Tempest Bledsoe who talk about why they love being natural and when they made the decision to do so. This is the support group for naturalistas.

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