There’s no one in the world like our girlfriends, but sometimes we get so caught up in our careers, relationships, kids, volunteering, and everything else we’ve got going on that we forget our second family—our friends. If you’ve got great friends, they probably understand why things have been a little distant between you two but there’s no time like the present to start building that friendship back up and making sure you are there for each other whenever you’re needed. Here are 3 things you should think about doing now to strengthen your friendships:

Pick up the phone: Texting hasn’t only broken down communication in opposite sex relationships; it’s also done a number on BFFs. When you don’t really have time to chat, texting is a quick way to check in with your friends and make sure things are OK, but that should never replace a night of girl talk. Every now and then we all need to vent and you can’t tell how someone is really feeling through a message sent on your phone. Make sure you hear your girl’s voice often.

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  • Nigerian sista

    I have a best friend that lives in another country. She used to live in London but had to move due to family situations. She totally gets me and i get her, our friendship hasn’t changed even though she is based elsewhere. I speak to her more than i speak to other “friends” who are in the same country as me. We both understand that we do have our own lives but you have to make an effort to keep that friendship going. We may not speak over the phone for a while but we always seem to continue where we left things. Its nice to have that kind of friendship. Quality is better than quantity.

  • ThatThang

    I completely agree with number 3. I have experienced this and man does it hurt ! SMH This is one thing that I do not agree with! I don’t wish this on anyone !

  • Candy 1

    My only real friends at this point are family members. It is hard to have a friendship where the qualities of a true friend are reciprocated. I just recently decided to distance myself from my last non-blood related friend and reduce our relationship to birthday/holiday phone calls.

    Despite all of that, I find that in my life, it takes the same type of effort (and maybe more)t to strengthen any friendship.

  • D2damurf

    I think number 3 is great as well–I would go even further to say that I don’t think having a man and chilling with your girls need to be mutually exclusive–I think in addition to balance, you should see if there are opportunities to bring the two together. Sometimes when my friends want to do group things, I’ll ask if it’s okay to bring my boo, especially if it’s something he will want to come to–sometimes they’ll even ask why he didn’t come. I mean don’t get me wrong, sometimes it’s a serious girl’s night only–but if we are going bowling or to a theme park, I see nothing wrong with bringing him along.