June Ambrose has been turning people’s style around every week on her new VH1 show and though she’s helped some pretty deserving celebrities, we think there are a few she’s missed or some stars walking around who don’t quite realize they need to step into the Juniverse.

Not all of the celebs here are total fashion disasters—though some are—but most have just been on the scene too long to still not have their signature style together so we figure if anyone can put them on the road to fashion success June can—hopefully on season two of her show. Here are five celebs we are begging her to style.

Jessica White

Jessica White is a beautiful girl but she continues to be a repeat offender on the red carpet. Everyone has a slip up or two, or even three, but it’s a rare event that this model doesn’t look like she’s asking to be put on the worst-dressed list. She has an incredible body and can wear just about anything so June would have a lot to work with. We just want her to get to work, soon.

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  • Dee

    Agree wholeheartedly on each one.

  • HU2011

    I find it funny how technicolor hair on black folks in ghetto and needs to go, but on whites its cute and fashionable….smh

  • Victoria

    I don’t think that June is the best stylist by far and there were only like 3 dresses that Mariah wore, that I liked, when she was her stylist. I’d take any of the people on this list, who are true to their style, over the so called “fashionistas” who are touted as being so original, but are being dressed by someone else, any day.

  • Ashanti is just desperate… Desperate for attention, press… Buzz?! Yeah, she needs help
    I love my girl Mariah, but I have never seen someone run from fabric like she does… Yikes!

  • surprisingly i’d like to see her style Kim Kardashian, just to see what she would come up with. June’s style choices are very questionable in my opinion so it would be quite the giggle to see what she would do with someone that already has a developed style…i know it defeats the purpose but i’m curious