As I anxiously count down to the arrival of my baby boy, here is a heartfelt letter to my unborn son:

To my little prince,

It’s amazing for to me to feel you grow inside of me every day. You are one with me and once you enter this world I will protect you with everything in me.

I will wipe your tears when you cry and make sure you have everything you need and most of the things you want. I look forward to seeing your smile and holding you tight if for any reason you may be scared through the night. I will pray over you when you close your eyes to sleep and ask God to keep you safe from harm, fill your heart with joy and give you ambition to achieve all your dreams.

I will teach you that you are a prince that will one day be a king. I will instill in you the values you need to be a positive, proud, determined, thoughtful and a spiritual man. I promise to not only be your mother, but a confidant as you continue to inquire more and more about life.

I will ensure that you have a childhood full of games, learning and carefree fun. I will be your biggest supporter and your guide as you travel through life. I will let go a little every year as I know I won’t be able to have you as my baby boy forever, but I will trust the man me and your father have raised you to be.

Your respect for women will be the same as the respect you have for me. You will be strong willed and not easily swayed by those who don’t have your best interest at heart. Baby boy I vow to love you unconditionally as only a mother can. I will be honest with you about life and all of the ups and downs that you may encounter.

You will never ever doubt how much you mean to me. You are my gift from God and I will cherish you forever.


Love always,

Your mommy

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